Last Story, Xenoblade, but what about Excitebots for Europe?!

ExciteTrucks was an awesome game for Wii and it’s sequel looked to improve the ame in every respect. It’s got decent reviews and I would have been there on launch day but alas it’s been about 3 years and there is no planned European release.

No Wii Games

It seems bonkers that the Wii has had a major games drought and they havent filled the roster by releasing the game over here. It’s not exactly a narrow appeal game. It’s a mental racing game, it’s appeals very broadly on paper, and the Wii is certainly slim on good racing games. Excitebots is a good racing game.

ExciteTruck a flop?

The best explanation for no release is that Excitetrucks didnt sell well in Europe. Which isn;t surprising that most fanboys dont even remember it. A game cannot sell well if people dont know it exists and Nintendo are bad generally at advertising Excitetrucks to my knowledge wasn’t promoted beyond the Wii debut at E3.  Basically I’m saying a failure on Nintendos behalf to muster interest in a game shouldn’t lead them to think a game isn’t worth releasing.

All your fanbase are belong to you!

Theres also the same case to be made for Excitebots as well as the OpRainfall games. Nintendo doesn’t understand cults or fandom very well. Games which they think only appeal to certain territories may be indeed based on sound reasons – but they’ve got it wrong many time before. Smash Brothers almost never left Japan! Nintendo should appreciate that it’s fans love them for what they are and we dont want to miss out on anything, and the more the narrow the choice of unique IPs the less interesting and different Nintendo look. Sometimes low profit and the risk of not making a profit should be ignored for the greater good of the companies image. Nintendo without its fanboys defending it’s name will fall on its arse very fast, and were a little more than pissed off at the moment.

Holding out for a retro-hero?

There is some appeal in a vault of games lost to time that may one day be opened. All fanboys would consider all forgiven if every game that never got a worldwid release became downloadable on the WiiU. In fact that is a brilliant idea. Do Nintendo hold back on games deliberatly for future plans, to get fanboys romanticising, and to have something unique to offer the Retro gaming fans of the future? Possible.
Who can say why Nintendo do such stupid things, whatever the case I still want to play Excitebots.


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