LISTS: My Dream WiiU Launch Games

Here’s the games I’d love too see made for the WiiU and maded avaliable on Launch day, or not too long after and its a very Nintendo-centric list of games. They are grouped in the following catagories

Fair play – Highly probable and a popular choices. Dumb of Nintendo not to.

Fair enough  – Bit hopeful, but makes sense.  Couldn’t expect everything on this list at launch

Fair dues –  Very unlikely, could be years, but why not?

Null  & Void – Trends & known facts mean it’s pointless to hope for these in the first 6 months of the WiiUs life.

I can dream Been waiting years and probably wont see these games ever.


Fair Play

Pikmin 3

Mario Bros (2d)

Star Fox

Wario Ware

Monkey Ball (and back to the original design)


Fair Enough


Metroid Prime 4 (or whatever it will be called)


Wave Race

New Sonic


Fair dues


Rogue Squadron 4 – Yes, it could be pulled off.

Donkey Kong C0untry 5

Pokemon Snap 2

Eternal Darkness


Excite trucks/bots

Giest 2



Null & Void

Smash Bros


Mario (3D)

Mario Party

Mario Kart

Kid Icarus

Luigis mansion

I can dream

Mystical Ninja 2

PN3 sequel

Wario World 2

Pokemon MMO

Space Channel 5

Donkey Kong Jungle Beat 2

Diddy Kong Racing 2


What do you think? Have I missed anything?

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