DISCUSSION: 3DS & WiiU connectivity ideas.

3DS connectivity with WiiU doesn’t really excite me, but for the sake of discussion here’s my possibilities, lets begin with multiplayer.

It’s not a new notion because I’m basically thinking about how the GC/GBA worked, just taking it beyond 4 player, but rather than bother imagine I’m just going to shoot it down right now. Any such notions will be expensive or require the right amount of friends with a 3DS an any related game. It didn’t work for the GC/GBA and it won’t work here, no matter how good the idea is.

Any connectivity can only expect you to have 1 3DS and its hard to think of anything that will be worthwhile considering the WiiU’s controller. Perhaps the 3DS could be a poor mans 2nd 3rd or 4th WiiU controller for at least some games where the demands didn’t exceed what any connectivity could achieve. I guess that’s not a bad idea. The reverse is certainly do-able via download play and if the game only requires 1 cartridge for multiplayer.

The best thing the feature can offer is following on from what some wii/DS games did, giving you small and free games to play on your DS, but this time games that can be stored on your 3DS. To that effect a game like Pikmin or Pokemon could give you a bonus feature to allow you to upload stuff to your 3DS to take the game with you, Pikmin perhaps could allow you to grow and care for you Pikmin, Pokemon could allow for streetpass battles and again care and maintainance of your pokemon…This idea would of course work well for any virtual pet game. But Windwakers Tingle Turner basically did this, it’s nothing new.

A simple little nice feature the Wii U could offer is the ability to use your wiiU to play 3DS games using the Tablet controller and TV.

Perhaps Mario Kart 7 owners could enjoy combining Mario Kart 8, for double the levels, or just to rob characters that could remain exclusive to MK7. I do not recommend this kind of thing for Smash Bros. I am not keen on having to buy 2 titles to get a full roster, Mario Karts acceptable because you expect 1 game per console, if done for Smash Bros it would look like a deliberate money spinner.

So to sum up, extra features transferable either way appeal to me. Multiplayer ideas I think are mostly a waste of time unless providing extra choices within existing feature. I do not want to see any connectivity become integral to a game or to urge you to have to buy a game twice, once for each console, unless again it’s added value, basically allowing the WiiU to port and incorporte a 3DS game. Overall I think it’s not an important feature for the WiiU to have, mostly due to the nature of the upcoming controller. Had the controller not have incorporated a screen it would have been more interesting for all the obvious reasons.

And that’s it!



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