Sun goes up, sun comes down.

It’s no surprise. Sony has issued a patent and rumours ooze from Microsoft, both are on the case on making controllers which copy the upcoming WiiUs design that was announced last year.

Another Nintendo innovation, another bandwagon to jump on. Nothing new here, just a bit more tiresome.

Nintendo have called it flattery, other’s like me call it Shameless. Why can’t Microsoft and Sony think for themselves more? It must be hard to original with somelike Nintendo innovating like a horde of entrepenurs. It’s not always a case of thinking like no one else can think, sometimes it’s just a case of getting there first by being the only retard who can draw up the dots and be bold enough to take that first big step, such as with touchscreen gaming and the DS. Nevertheless Nintendo dare and dare to think, and are blatantly copied in almost everything they do. It is a bit pathetic, sad and uninspiring.

Plenty of others innovate, and fair play Playstation and Xbox are not void of original ideas. I suppose Eyetoy can take some credit here and both (Microsoft more notably) has managed to secure some solid ongoing wholly-exclusive IPs, but how innovative they are is another question, but credit where it’s due on at least Little Big Planet. However neither are comparible to Nintendo. Nintendo dont just have the ideas, they have a list of IP’s thats getting comparible to Disneys roster of all time classic cartoons…Back in the day Sony wanted to be a part of this and some years after that venture fell apart and Platstation was born Bill Gates expressed several times interest in buying Nintendo. What they have is what everyone dreams of. Most criticisms of Nintendo come through people who think on the lines of, ‘if I was in charge of Nintendo. Even us fanboys feel at times Nintendos greatness can be rather tame, Nintendo fire the imagination, nothing they do is ever quite catches that dragon, and yet we think it better than anything else.

Nintendo games are judged on an very different terms to other games. Despite fan boy love, even we judge them very harshly, and it goes the same for all other critics for varying reasons. There’s a great compulsion by many to judge Nintendo against what the rest of the industry is doing and mark Nintendo down for not doing what everyone else is doing with similar games. Other’s judge Nintendo by it’s past glories with the automatic assumption they will never better their past glories. If it doesn’t blow your mind like Mario 64 did in 1995 it’s pants. Other on what they expect from an IP – Moving on vs protecting the original style. Very rarely does anyone review a Nintendo game saying it was a great game and any Nintendo games score means something different to any other game. IGN gave Skyrim and Skyward Sword 10/10 – Skyward Swords was much harder to earn and I think everyone at IGN will confirm that.

Nintendo are on a rather unique pedistal one that will ensure it’s survival in even the most dark of times. Who wouldn’t want a piece of that? You can’t clone the souls of talent, but you can copy the end result as good as you can, be that rumble packs, d pads, analogue sticks, motion control, Kart & Party games,  multiplayer innovations, etc. Nintendo aren’t exploiters either, there’s always scope to do that little bit more, that dragon has not been caught yet.

And it never is. It is still up to Nintendo to define the next level. Kinect may very well be an exception here, yet it is still a along way off from being what was originally conceptionised at its premature E3 debut. Nintendo get it right by staying simple, everyone else runs around in circles and burns money trying to do what we can assume Nintendo didnt think worth exploring at least yet. Wii proves that too much is a bad thing. Certain games proved the Wii controller was great and it’s graphical limitations a non issue, but far too many became waggle obsessed, people simply didn’t know how and were far too lazy to get the best out of the Wii. In case case you can give a man a rod, but it’s very hard to teach him how to fish. Kinect and Move has suffered the same problems, but with them even more is under exploited and more money squandered in all quarters.

WiiU is quite clever in that if your thick as 2 short planks then you’ve got a plethora of ideas from the DS to exploit before you even have to think of how to be original, but for those who can your sorted, and if all else fails the graphics are good enough and you can just use basic controls…Which was true for Wii but few realised pressing a button was preferable to wankers cramp. Again it’s no surprise people would follow suit.

Everyone scared of staying the same, and there’s good reason to think theres not space for each console going off on very different tangents, it becomes an ever harder fight for 3rd party support. Sony and Microsoft may have wanted to be first on the scene, but now they will clearly let Nintendo test the waters on tablet controllers, while making theirs more complex. Money lost on R&D and even more if the gamble doesn’t pay off.

The questions I like to ask is when will people get fed up? Will there be a time when people just say no to Microsoft and Sony if they don’t think for themselves. Hows about a time when people tell them to give up on consoles and work for Nintendo instead? And will there be a time when Nintendo can sue their asses for decades of relentless idea theft? You know if you were Nintendo you’d want to sue them! Xbox and Playstation fanboys must be quitly livid about this phenomenon. We know many do want to just to stick to a classic style controller and the continued evolution of well established gaming genres. They want a place to call home like a Nintendo fan boy, which isn’t a pale imitation of ours. I think we all want to know if we buy more than one console they all offer something different. It’s increasingly less the case.

Here’s the sour truth. 3 consoles is too many. Someone is living on borrowed time, and it isn’t Nintendo. Our other friends have so much money they can make their consoles survive. In my opinion Xbox was living on life support, now that seems to be the case with Sony. Nintendo always turns a profit just by going with its own flow and remaining cost effective. Nintendo could earn far less and still plod along quite safely. They will always surivive if in Japan alone – where of course Microsoft might as well not bother.

Im willing to bet the Playstation will be a thing of the past soon as will the Xbox, theyve probably got 1 or 2 more consoles left in them. Sony will exit the gaming market after a crippling blow to the next big craze to emerge and Microsoft will abandon consoles to rival onlive and cloud gaming. Something else will exist to rival Nintendo, but Nintendo will continue to survive on what ever terms it’s chooses and they will continue to have their own platforms in whatever shape consoles take in the future. And you can be sure that they will continue to be just about the only people coming up with new worthwhile ideas for gaming.



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