10 Great 3DS eShop games

First things First

This list is in no specific order, except for the final choice which I consider the best, it is made up of game Retro title, DSi Ware & 3DS eShop titles, all of course you can buy on a 3DS. This is list is made of up games I own, so If I’ve missed a game it doesn’t necessarily mean I don’t rate it!

Airport Mania

Not a total exclusive, but a great game for £1.80 if you like tactical games. You run an airport and you must land, fix, refuel, and send off planes as quickly as possible for better points you use to upgrade your Airport. Leave planes waiting too long and you fail. There’s 2 versions to pick from. One is staged giving you timed challenges introducing things bit by bit, and the second is everything in one level which that lasts as long as you can survive. If you enjoy the first, you will want the second. The second will be rather overwhelming to newbies.

Shantae’s Risky Revenge (and everything made by WayForward)

Still the most expensive game in the eShop and  the most critically acclaimed. It’s huge gem of a game which is very much in the style of a Metroid game. Designed with great visuals music and retro charm it was clearly made for fans of the 2D era. It’s a must have for hardcore gamers. This game is no walk in the park that’s for sure. An keep an eye on the studio that made it, WayForward know their s**t.

Aura Aura Climber

A fab little game that for £1.80 you can’t complain at. An upward 2d platformer that requires your to grab onto orb-thingys to climb your way up. It’s offers a decent amount of challenge and variety. If you enjoy it you will comeback to master your scores and take on the endless mode again and again.

3D Classics: Kid Icarus

Back in day games were seriously hard, and they don’t come much harder than Kid Icarus. You can’t trip your way to the finish line in this game. Precision, tactics and a good memory are key! Nintendo has even half-broke a sweat and added in backgrounds for the levels,  (used to be just black) and makes use of the 3D Screen. The game also comes with better save options which really helps give you a chance to complete this game. It’s a retro must have and a serious challenge to anyone who thinks they are a good gamer. I’m glad i got it for free!

Plants vs Zombies

A well established classic on various other formats before it made its way to the DS. Not much needs to be said that hasn’t already been said. It’s a great ‘defend your castle’ game with decent depth in tactics and plenty of options to allow for various choices, rather than finding that 1 magic way. You are defiantly getting your moneys worth in gameplay hours here.

 Super Mario Land

Mario’s first handheld outing was also my favorite Mario game back in the day. It’s a great Mario title, which I promise you will only complete by cheating using added restore points! It’s got two great songs which I think ae very under-rated, and younger, serious Mario fans will find it interesting what different directions (in may ways) this game took which were never really revisited. It makes for a very unique Mario game, but one that still feels like the Plumber we know a love…Booo on the price however. £2.50 would have been a fairer price, and a free upgrade to include the GB Colour options wouldn’t go a-miss!

 Dodogo Robo!

A tough little plan your path puzzle game at a decent price. The controls are a bit annoying at times, and the song gets a bit annoying which is a shame because if it didn’t restart everything you did something, it gets very good! Nevertheless this is a very rewarding head scratching game. Some of the levels will have you stuck for ages, and when you suss it you will feel quite dumb for not having realised what you were missing. It’s clever and gives you more than enough gameplay time for the money. A must own for puzzle fans.


A fun game for those who like 2D platforming with the chance to be creative. It’s a solid early entry into the 3ds library that doesn’t forget the 3ds has a touch screen! It also comes packed with the ability to turn your creations into QR codes to share, there’s already a ton to snatch with ease on the internet. But be warned, this can be the type of game you maybe very disappointed with if it’s not your kind of thing, so check some YouTube vids out first!

 Zen Pinball

If you like realistic Pinball experiences you can’t go wrong. It may only have 4 pinball tables, but I’ve clocked up 20 hours and I still only have 5 out of 16 achievements. The level of detail and challenge is more than enough for the pretty fair price tag.  Naturally it would be better on a bigger screen, but that’s the only complaint and an unfair one when your buying a pinball game for a handheld!

Pushmo / Pullblox

A game that would have been worth buying with a higher price tag. This game is a total bargain and a must own for puzzle fans of any description. Blending in simple 3D platforming to its puzzle based gameplay expands it’s appeal further. Anyone who may enjoy 1 type of game and not the other will be delightfully surprised. It’s inclusive and original, very simple to grasp and play but will have you puzzled for well over 20 hours. If you like it that can be extended massively via QR code reading and a google picture search, for an almost unlimited amount of new levels. Of course you can make your own levels to share as well. It is the best value for money on eShop beyond a doubt and you only need check around to hear most people consider it to be one of the best download-games & not just counting the 3DS. Don’t let its cutesy appearance put you off.  BUY IT!

Honorable mentions

  • Pop Island (Kinda like Mario Kart Battles)
  • Pyoro  (Simple game, eat descending seeds or they destroy the floor)
  • Cut the Rope (cut ropes, pop bubbles to get the sweet to the monster)
  • A Fairy Tale (For Gem-puzzle fans only)


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