Leave Nintendo Alone!

When you get big the cynics get louder. There’s a clear mentality throughout society that when people or groups are raised up high, we like to see them pulled down. Nintendo is no exception, after trailing behind for 2 generations people are willing them to be back at the bottom after just 1 console….I kinda get it, the Wii blew hard, but that is not why people want to see them fail.

Rather than go on forever I just want to point out 1 simple fact. In the world of gaming Nintendo is the little man who did well. Sony and Microsoft are the bulldozing mega corps that have come into the race to take over. We all might put money in Wal-Marts pocket but when did we start championing them, or the gaming equvilants? Because in the world of gaming that’s what Sony and Microsoft are: Wall-Mart and Tesco.

Sony and Microsoft have their fingers in so many pies, including your moms, Nintendo just does gaming. It has only ever done gaming, even back in the days of cards and love testers. This is a solitary company making its way in the world amongst the VERY BIG boys, correction the big boys tried to steal their thunder and buy them out.

Enough of the hate and a little more admiration please! Take your hat off accordingly even if you don’t like what they do! They have survived the mega corps, their paradise wasn’t paved, even if you love your parking lot.

This is quite an important thing for gamers because Nintendo is the last unique man standing in the ever more generic world of gaming, games are in their blood, they didn’t need a transfusion. Yes you can say they rely on Mario too much and he’s as generic as Cod or Fifa, but he is generic only in comparison to himself. Nintendo are still doing gaming their way, the old way of doing gaming that has been lost in companies like Capcom, Namco, Sega, Rare, Konami; The old boys who have joined the football guns and tit’s race, with ever more CGI and far less gameplay.

Nintendo to me isn’t just the little man who gave a right royal middle finger to the big boys, but it is the last outpost for original & classic gaming. They are only company that retain the quirky charm of eras gone by, a quirky charm so many want back. To use a Hollywood metaphor, Nintendo is doing the Alfred Hitchcock or John Waters, Sony and Microsoft are doing the George Lucas (obviously I mean episodes 1,2 and 3) – They make safe generic crap, throwing in a love story to be safe and not caring if they destroy something precious to so many. Hey if the visuals are better than ever what else counts right?

Now im not saying Nintendo are the only geezers out there who dare to be independent and ensure they still offer something different. There are many soon to be bulldozed companies out there doing great stuff…RIP Blizzard and Rare. But why should anyone pick on Nintendo or hope that they fail? Why do we not see them as the little man who continues to survive and cheer them on for it? Next to Sony and Microsoft it is a major achievement that they continue to do well, they haven’t had the luxury of selling hardware at a loss and throwing so much money at their projects that all profit is lost but that’s fine because it’s loose change used to gain dominance. It’s a slap in the face to Sony and Microsoft that Nintendo can do so well while being so cost-effective and frankly responsible business men…Yer I’ll forget about that old European court case!

Nintendo deserve a bit more respect in my humble opinion and anyone rooting for companies as massive and Sony and Microsoft who know gaming like President Assad knows civility needs a good slapping!


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