The Gayness of Kid Icarus

Like many fan boys I got Kid Icarus Uprising at the weekend and I’m busy playing away on it. I’m not ready to review it, but for now I wanted to have little rant about all the gays in the game….EVERYONE IS GAY! Or so it seems! Now I’m not complaining, mostly because it works so well and is funny as, but gosh does it seem to stand out like a sore thumb, there really is a whole lot of gayness in Kid Icarus! Is pit gay? or bi? or just a bimbo? haha!

There’s a refreshing lack of masculine BS. It’s like a battle of the Divas! It’s got all the camp romp action of Doctor Who with that trademark anime sense of humour. And credit to the game for having so many strong female characters. It is for the want of a better word, a matriarchy. Females hold all the powerful and important roles, even Pit, bless him, is just Goddess Palutena’s favorite grunt. I loved the bit when she jokes to their nemesis Medusa about how thick Pit can be!

Right now I’m on chapter 12 so there’s still much for me to see, but I’ve not long been introduced to the true Lord of the Underworld who is yet another super-camp bad guy. Having also met the certainly gay Thanatos and the suspect 3 headed dragon. Then as I said there’s also Pit who’s pretty undefined. There’s a distinct lack of any female for him to fancy and there are no cases of the ‘notgays’ as the amazing Plinckett calls, meaning their are no overt attempts to define Pits sexuality. Now I’m not saying Pit is gay, but he also lacks any distinct markings to prove he is straight. Even Mario and Link have their sexuality established, even if just because they are ‘saving the girl’ I can’t help but think it’s purposeful to not do this with Pit, however I am only half way into the game so it may change!

If all this camp and suggestive stuff does one thing it really helps to set Kid Icarus apart from Nintendos other brands, it’s a relief Pit isn’t another Link,. It clearly targets a broader demographic too. Many gay and female gamers will enjoy these aspects and feel it’s been done for them, and its nothing that will alienate anyone else because it’s all fun and far from in your face. There’s little similar out there, and for what is a hardcore game it’s attitude is incredibly laid back. It doesn’t sit well with some of the reviewers, you can sense the irritation in some of the more sexually insecure reviewers of Kid Icarus. Ya know, you can turn the voices off if you don’t like to hear them! Personally I think the story is a hoot. It’s self-aware, pokes fun at its own plot holes and lack of imagination in places, while being incredibly fun and adrenaline fuelled. It’s campness should be welcomed by all who feel gays are under represented or under-catered for in the gaming world, even if nothing about it is exactly overt or explicit.

That said, the uber camp Thanatos (pictured below)  has some rather strange eyes don’t you think? I’m pretty sure that is someone having a laugh. It might just be my disturbed mind, but that wasn’t very subtle to me!


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