Tis the sE3son….Pre E3 thoughts and predictions.

Hurrah! It’s Geek Christmas! E3 is among us and it’s a safe bet Nintendo will pull off one hell of a presentation on Tuesday. If they don’t then it really is bad times. I’ll shall rant about that later but let’s be positive because if all else goes wrong, Pikmin 3 should make it all worth it! And the chances of Nintendo messing up this years E3 are close to nil. It’s gonna be a banger!!!


Suprising us via 3DS

Little has been said about upcoming 3DS games, and no doubt Nintendo is taking the 3DS very seriously now after those initial concerns it might fail. I expect to see quite a surprising a popular line-up. The one game I don’t hear many talking about? ZELDA! We know a new game is in the making for the 3DS, it’s quite possibly been long enough to be able to present something to us, although I doubt a proper release date will be given. It goes without saying Animal crossing, Luigi’s mansion and a new 2d Mario game will be fully showcased, and the first two I reckon will really impress people. I suspect multiplayer for Luigi’s Mansion. There will be many surprises I’m sure, but I won’t push my luck past betting on Zelda.


All about WiiU?


Knowing Nintendo I wouldn’t be surprised if they remained coy about WiiU. Not so much they confuse people, but not quite enough to satisfy those keeping up. We know we won’t learn about the price, which is no surprise. It depends on how soon it will be released. They could save some for a big WiiU only press event later in the year. Even so we are bound to get a feast of info and you can bet you bottom dollar, the queues at WiiU booths will be by far the biggest. It’s a safe bet WiiU will be the talk of E3. They won’t repeat the mistakes of the 3DS, they’ve assured us they won’t.


As for the games? Well we know about Pikmin 3, a 2D mario and many 3rd party games officially announced, but it’s anyones guess what else Nintendo will show. Diablo 3 is one rumour going around and it’s a solid rumour, one game I will throw out there is a new Portal game exclusive to WiiU. From what I’ve heard Nintendo are working with Valve, and I will make a solid bet Nintendo are kissing their arse to get something really cool, and people at Nintendo have shown respect and love for portal. Nintendo I suspect will also announce a ton of games that people never expected for WiiU, such as Grand Theft Auto.


I hope this e3 will be the E3 of a dozen franchise revivals. There so many to pick from Pilotwings, Wave Race, 1080, Donkey Kong, Excitebike (ala EB64) Earthbound, Ice Climbers, F Zero, Star Fox, Wario Land/World/Ware and newer titles like Eledees, Excitebots/Trucks & Batallion wars. At least 4 mentioned here should turn up at E3.


Of course we can expect to hear things about, Mario and his many games, Kirby, Metroid, Animal Crossing, and some of the titles born on the Wii I don’t care much for (sports/fit/music/play). I think we can rule out seeing anything on a WiiU Zelda or Smash Bros game. Both I’m sure will be talked about with a few visual teasers.


WiiU will also unquestionably be home to a new Nintendo IP that’s a little more in-depth than their recent shallow offerings like Wii Sports.

But the other side to WiiU is of course the tech stuff and the online plan. Both of which I think Nintendo will be selling to us very carefully. Most cynics will be shut up when we see the graphical power of the WiiU, it will surprise, but the capabilities of the controller are going to impress people are lot more than most anticipate. We already know they are doing something with ‘Haptic’ technology, which is touchscreens that can alter themselves to simulate textures like wood and metal. We also have much to hear about this Near Field communication Technology (NFC) which we know Nintendo are eager about, using it as a selling point to investors, and there are rumours of the vitality sensor stuff being integrated into the controller. But I suspect they have a few surprises up their sleeves no has guessed and I doubt I would get right either. My best bet is we will learn about some very groovy stuff using the camera and other stuff which borrows from Kinect. I can imagine in fighting games the camera can follow you head movements to command dodges. Voice command features seem likely too.  One thing you can be sure of is that last years E3 only told one half of WiiUs story.

As for the online plan, I think Nintendo may very well amaze. I think they are probably working on more downloadable games than store brought ones and the WiiU will also have with a feast of old school downloadable casual games like chess and scrabble to keep that casual market and all the latest basic games to appeal to I pad/phone gamers. I would also put money on a decent amount of pre-installed games/digital toys announced.

Where’s Wario?

Of course Wario will make a comeback this year. He’s not been around for a while and a WarioWare game seems mandatory for the WiiU, and it wouldn’t go amiss on the 3DS either. There’s then the chance of anew, platforming game ala the warioland series. I personally hope for a spiritual sequel to the GCs Wario World, but I doubt it!

Star Fox & F Zero,

It’s seems certain we will hear something about both at E3. They are ripe for a comeback and Nintendo have hinted at both. They would be very welcomed by me and unless we learn Retro is working on a WiiU Zelda, my bet is Retro will be making one of these 2 titles – both seem destined for WiiU, but I won’t place a stiff bet on that.


The Bad outcome.

Nintendo have given us some right stinking E3s in the past few years and you’d be forgiven for thinking they’d cock it up again. My biggest fear is they kinge everything on 3rd party games and a very small selection of exclusives dominated by simplistic graphics and Miis. While the 3DS gets one good game announced and the rest it has to offer is games we already know about. The WiiU could turn out to be a barebones console which despite sounding to have these new features like Haptic technology and NFC they turn out to be ideas that offer little and die a death quickly or never happen, which isn’t uncommon for Nintendo – 64DD, Vitality sensor, GC online function, and whatever else those never used sockets on the consoles were meant for! They could spend so much time on 1 or 2 games that they mistakenly think will have mass appeal.

However now’s the time to be optimistic. I’m sure Nitnendo will steal the show!


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