Did Nintendo fuck up E3 2012?

The U in WiiU clearly stands for Ubisoft.

Nintendos E3 Presentation was pretty rubbish and had no surprises what so ever. I will purposefully ignore Nintendoland, because while the idea is a fanboy dream, the actual thing is visually and verbally totally uninteresting. 12 demos basically in a faux Nintendo package. No actual mascots here, just allusions to them.

Now if Ubisofts offering for the WiiU were in Nintendo presentation it may have been another story. ZombiU and Rayman legends both look better than anything Nintendo showed us. Alas Pikmin 3 was pretty lackluster and frankly I thought the visuals were absolutely crap. It’s nothing but pikmin 2 in his res with a few more touch ups.And I’ll bet we don’t see it on shop shelves until Christmas 2013. You just know it will get pushed back, which is a shame because despite it looking primitive it’s still going to be a great game.

To be more nice, I have seen around 10 games that tickle my fancy, so it’s not as if I will be short on things to buy, its just nothing I really wanted. It’s like trying to be grateful about that cardigan your granny knitted you. There might be 10 games I like but only 3 of which I’ll bother buying, and I’ve trusted Ubisoft before and been let down, so come launch day if Pikmin 3 isn’t there, which is the only game I care about, I wont be there.

Oh so what about New Super mario Bros.U Also known as New Generic Mario Brothers. The Super mario Land where originality and charm are killed off for generic levels we’re fucking sick of seeing. This ‘new’ set of mario games are too easy too short and they look uninspiring. It wasn’t all about fucking Goombas and Koopa Troopas. We are all sick on the green, ice, fire, jungle, spooky-land set up. Be bloody original. That Van Gogh level is at start, but not nowhere enough.

As for the WiiU, well we still know so little, and certainly no more than we learned about last year, except, get ready for it – put a nappy on first in case you crap yourself when reading this, It’s supports youtube and Netflix! Result! I’m telling you when I heard that I got even more excited about Miiverse….

Those investors were right to be worried about E3. This fanboy feels like throwing the towel in. What a crock of total shit. I’ve never cared less about WiiU as I do now and frankly it seems all 3rd party games will look and play beter on Xbox360 or ps3. The WiiU looks graphically retarded. No Nintendo, no fucking NO NO NO! Graphics do count, so go fucking suck on a game and watch. We they wont show off the power, and explain the tech specs, that because they are embarrassed. Nothing more, nothing less. Just enjoy the games? Fuck off. If I want to enjoy inferiors graphics and get out my old consoles. I’m not paying 300 quid for technology from the last decade.  to play games that look like gamecube games in hi Res. Fuck you Nintendo, seriously.

And lets be clear on this Nintendo. No one is a Nintendo fan because of Wii Sports, and no one will be a fan of yours due to Nintendoland. We want all those games you keep refusing to make that you own and you wont share. We really couldn’t careless if you got Batman and Assassins Creed on your new console. It’s not why we buy Nintendo, and we know you will never ‘play the game’ how 3rd parties like, enough to ever maintain their support. You’ll be in exactly the same position with wiiU in 3 years time. People wont want to play graphically inferior versions of games, so they will opt for the ps4/720 options and evidently you are making fuck-all yourselves. So why exactly should I get excited about WiiU? Because A zelda game will be released in 3 years time? Oh lordi I am so stoked!

What a let down.

However the 3ds line up is looking sweet so far, shame its all about games announced at last years e3 and we expected would have been released by now.

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