Now the fan boy flames have cooled….

So my last post was pretty harsh on Nintendo @ E3, in retrospect I take little back. It was a piss poor show, made worse by the fact Nintendo are being too private and all the good games for WIIU – All 2 of them, weren’t even in Nintendos presentation.

We can’t really make head or tails of the WiiU either, and if you have made sense of it then you’re wrong, because only the other day Nintendo said there is so much they have yet to tell us about about WiiU can do, if you believe that. What we do know is, is the tech is getting cheaper and more dated with every thing offically announced.

The new pad wont be multi-touch, its only 6 inch, the battery life is 3 hours at best. We are also starting to learn that the WiiU really isn;t that powerful at all. Recent speculations put it at a mere 50% more powerful than the 360, and only the graphics processor, which people say is lost running the new controller.

Nintendo say it isn’t all about graphics, they are wrong more than they are right. It will in 2 or so years time cost them every good 3rd party game, it will be the Wii all over again. And frankly, as of late, Nintendo are not showing off the gaming skill innovation or quality to make up for the less than staller graphical power. You know, you have to be making games to at least be in with a chance.

This is problem above all else. Nintendo are not showing us the games. The games people buy a Nintendo console for. It’s all I care about. If there’s a good 3rd party game, in 3 years time, we can be sure the better versions will be made for ps4 and 720. Leaving us with a smattering of exclusives, most of which arent what anyone was hoping for….And those games we really that we will get, like smash bros, will turn up far too late in the day.

The reall bad thing about it all is that Nintendo have given them selves so much time to plan, and it has come at the cost of Wii. We haven;t had a must buy game for the Wii since Donkey Kong Countyr Returns, and that was over 2 years ago. So what the hell have they been doing because 6 or so 3DS and the 3 announced games they are working on for WiiU doesn;t cover the slack. and the fact whatever they are keeping secret is clearly more than a year away, suggest Nintendo have simply been lazy.

To me is suggests Nintendo is fast moving into a new business model. They want to be hard-ware kings, ala Sony, not really making any games, just wanting to sit back in the hopes every games maker will run to them to make games for their hardware like they did Sony and how they now do with Xbox. Nintendo want to be generic while looking unique.

And when you think about it what could be more damaging to their new image than a load of quirky charecters and games? They don’t want to dilute the concentration of mature games they have managed to so far bag for risk it will scare off the mature gamer. If you will notice, with the WiiU branding, there is a distinct lack of the use of Nintendos name. It was the Nintendo Wii – this is just known as WiiU. It’s like when they took the Star Trek branding out of the last series, only to later re-brand it as “Star Trek Enterprise”  It’s a mistake. They are trying to appeal to people who really don’t care while upsetting the people who really do care..Ignoring the fact that so many people who buy a Nintendo console only buy it for Nintendos games. It’s a small point, and know there is a lot of buts too, but it is a symptom of a larger issue.

Back to E3, clealy nintendo had a choice, announce everything and risk running out of steam before it was released, or dish it out to us bit by bit between E3 and release day. In all fairness Iwata did say this was the plan months ago. But it hasn’t worked. They have pissed everyone off and their shares have took a hit. They have still failed to communicate that WiiU is a new console and not just a new controller….Probably because the graphics of the current games are so diabolically dated. This will be the lesson they tell us they have learned in 6 years times when they make their next console.

Staying graphically simple aint the worst thing ever, there will be many preferring to work with this level of tech than what the ps4 will be, only because it can save them months of work and millions of pounds, but this only works during that transitional phase. Once you have your ps4s COD, selling 10’s of millions, the cheap times will be over. Its the same logic with the Wii, and everyone jumped ship years ago.

Obviously I’m not the only one thinking all this, and clearly Nintendo would have thought carefully about everything, and I dare say they know what they are dong far better than I. Fact of the matter is Nintendo aren’t dumb and the Wii while being the biggest disapointment to gaming since the Sega Saturn, has been the best selling console ever…People will buy crap, but will they go for a second slice of the Wii branding? Probably. However, I’m willing to lay bets that in 2 years time Nintendo will have become very desperate and they will be spending every last pewnny they have to make WiiU work. It will go on to be a huge critics pleaser as nintendo turn up late with the goods, but by then it will have become a sales disaster.

Nintendo have come to think gamers are cheap. Were not. Nintendo fanboys consider Nintendo to be the champagne of gaming, and we aint happy with the 3 litre bottles of 7% cider they are handing out to us, but hey we still like to get drunk, we’ll just probably do what any drunk does, and resort to stealing it more. Many people will refuse to pay full price for inferior products, and Nintendo should know this already. The Wii is the most pirated Nintedo console to date.



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