Must buy Nintendo E-shop games

After a fair bit of moaning, it’s time to focus on the positive, and while more games never goes amiss, the E-Shop on the 3DS is racking up some great little titles. So here’s what I’ve been playing and what I think of em:


DRW is a pretty unique mix of Tower defense, 3D platforming and RPGs. If you like all three of these kinds of games you really can’t go wrong; it’s like an unholy marriage that actually kinda works well. There’s are 10 lengthy and replayable levels, and in each one you must protect a village for 3 days. You begin by exploring during day time,  collecting Scruffles to expand the villages live stock and exploring mines to collect resources to build the villages defenses and trading in rarer materials to then build up towers with a choice of gun turrets depending on what makes the most sense vs what you can afford. As night falls the enemies come out and what your defense towers can’t take down you must fight yourself. Battles phase in and out like in any RPG, but is not turn based, and is based on combo building fighting, not spells. You lose if too many enemies get to village and eat all your Scruffles.

This game while looking cartoony, is not for the noob. It presents a very decent level of challenge and even speeding through the game doing the minimal and getting just about everything right first time will still ensure a solid 10 hours gameplay time. I’ve currently clocked up 20 hours and I still haven’t touched the final 2 levels. You will hate this game if you don’t enjoy tower defense games, which DRW is first and foremost and if you find nothing whatsoever redeeming about RPGs don’t both either, but if you like both and want to find out what happens when you blend it into a 3d platformer, you’re sorted!


I’m still quite new to VVVVVV only having played it for about 5 hours, but what I will say up to this point is, it’s a corker of retro game, and the soundtrack, if you like retro game music, is a pure delight. It’s nostalgia heaven and if you’ve been missing the challenge of classic 2D gaming feeling everything these days is too easy, then VVVVVV is the game for you. VVVVVV  will keep fans busy for well over 30 hours, but it’s not for everyone.

If you like flashy games and have little time for seriously old school gaming then don’t bother with this game. It’s as simplistic as they come, but if you enjoy 2D platformers DO NOT let the Commodore64 era visuals put you off. It’s a total gem, and look on the e-Shop for yourself, it’s the 3rd highest rated e-shop game. A must buy as far as I am concern.


I’m developing a soft spot for Zen Studios. This is the second game with their name on I’ve played, and both have been very competent packages at a fair price. 3D solitaire is of course nothing special, you’re not getting anything new, but it is far from tacky and shoddy.  There’s plenty of visual variation, nice audio,  multiple modes, and a fun scoring system I personally haven’t seen in a solitaire game before. It’s a solid package I wholly recommend if you want a solitaire game on your 3DS.


Bird mania is about as small as a game can get, it’s just one never-ending level. It’s a survival game where you aim for the highest score. You must dodge trees and bees, while killing birds to build up a score combo and collecting stars and balloons for points. You can kill bees, but killing a bee will cancel your combo. It’s controls with great precision. Visually is it simple but vibrant and clean, and the audio is nice but very limited. You also get a small amount of accomplishments to earn which extend gameplay a bit.

There’s not much else to say. I in no way regret downloading this game, but 80p or a couple more levels would have been a fairer. That said it is a game you can come back to again and again. It is a challenge, you die a lot! if you like it you will get you monies worth out of it. But unless you enjoy trying to beat your own high scores, this may be a game you forget about after 20 minutes of playing it.


Price £5.40

Wow. Who thought painting application for the 3DS could be so impressive? 3D colours is stunning. It’s an incredibly simple programme, with very few features or tools, but you can draw to perfection with it. If you’re an artist then you can do some amazing things here and the online gallery you can connect to share pictures proves it. There are many photo realistic paintings shared by users that are stunning. Proving its all hand drawn and helping you to see who they are done every picture can be replayed so you can see how it was drawn start to finish.

As the title suggest you can draw in 3d too. You are provided with 5 layers to draw on. This might not seem very elaborate, but it does the job fine when an artist knows what they are doing. Also including are a few colouring book-like pictures to paint in and several wonderful paintings  put in to watch how they are made. The e-shop reviews alone make it officially the best application for 3DS or DSi. never mind it’s 5 stars it has 500 more reviews than the average game. If you like to doodle or are an artist of any level this is a fantastic little application I fully recommend. This is professional piece of software that isn’t just good for the 3DS, it’s impressive full stop.


Potzols puzzle is basically another Tetris spin-off but it has unquestionably found a very different approach. You fly 3D through a tunnel as a Tetris style block, faced with brick walls with holes in you must quickly rotate your piece to fit through in time. The game has 3 core worlds each with 2 different playable shapes. The levels come in around 7 different styles. Some are laden with obstacles, others test memory, each block has a tower challenge which tests speed and rotation skill and there are several other modes with ramp up the difficulty considerably.

So credit where it’s due, Potzols puzzle fully explores is potential, you’re not left thinking they could have done this that and the other, but it can be a bit too much at times. It demands more brain power than you might be willing to use and the game can be rather unforgiving. You may feel the controls are too complicated. each piece is like a cube and you have to more of less memorise each of the 8 faces and know with combo of 5 buttons allows you to most quickly rotae the piece to fit through the hole. Going for gold will be too much for most. Even so  you will be dipping in and out of this game for quite some time, particularly if you’re a completionist. Puzzle fans looking for something different could find this a complete treat or a bit luke warm, but it is at least trying to be different. It’s far from being a bad game, but it can be rather frustrating and lacking in reward.


This like Potzols Puzzle, a puzzle game but not as you know them. However this one is much more simple and relaxed game. It’s far being a walk in the park but you will want to try again and again with this game. The games aim is to balance a variety of shapes on variously shaped platforms in tray of water, making sure non fall in. There’s 200 levels to crack which provide considerable variety, and an endurance mode that provides extended play that will have you coming back for a quite some time. A special nod to the game’s soundtrack too which is sublime.

And the rest….

Pullblox, Zen Pinball and Freakyforms also come highly recommended too, Check earlier posts for reviews.

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