10 games that should get a 3DS e-shop sequel

I’ll try to keep this brief. These games are obviously all classic games and I am trying to pick serious contenders, rather than huge games that would be a full price game, for example a Resident Evil would be going too far, but the list is clearly, for the most part, based on what I like.

1) Wetrix.

An N64 puzzle game that is a perfect fit for the e-shop that hasn’t been seen for years and could be done much better while staying cheap

2) Wario Ware.

Almost seems mandatory. But a full-blown game wouldn’t go amiss either

3) Sonic

You can keep this one dirt cheap because a 16bit sonic is what were all screaming for!

4) Ice Climbers

The game clearly doesn’t translate to modern gaming well and it’s probably a push to make a full-blown game, but sticking to the original but improving on it would give fans another revived franchise while being a fairly low-cost project.

5) Klax

Another Sega classic, but this one hasn’t been seen for ages and from Sega’s angle it is a cheap to make games that would suit any platform. Who doesn’t like a puzzle game? And Klax could that different thing puzzle fans are looking for. Not to mention the concept seems ideal to 3D, in fact I think in the early 90s the was a 3D version for the Master System!

6) Yoshi Story

Yoshi Story was a good game, if a bit too easy and short, but again it’s a game that shouldnt require too much time or money.

7) Yoshi Touch and go.

I loved this DS title, and it worked perfectly so you could use the original game as a template spice up the visuals and just make new levels for it. It could provide 4 times the content and still be a profitable title at the usual £5.40 price tag

8) Kirby Canvas curse

Another great touch game from the 3DS which could be approached in the same way. Both these game are must for the virtual console too.

9) Baku Baku Animal

Another puzzle game which is a personal fav, I think Sega hold the rights to it, but it hasn’t been seen for a very long time and is another competent puzzler unlike whats currently on offer.

10) A Metroid Spin-off

After the Prime series it always struck me that the sections of the game when you are faced with obsticle-come-maze courses while in ball mode could make up a great little mini game in their own rights. The idea speaks for its self, there’s clearly great gameplay potential, as they were very welcomed in the Prime games.


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