What I expect from WiiUs E-shop on Day One.

All of Wii Shop’s content

That’s both WiiWare and the Virtual console titles. This is pretty much a certain already so no worries here.

Retail games for download.

I’m all on board with this idea and Nintendo have already said they intend to do it. I hope its avaliable form day 1.

New Stuff.

Another given but here’s hoing its not just a smattering of games fo the first 6 months

Last 2 generations brought to Virtual Console

Wii and Gamecube games seem suited to the new virtual console with no worries over storage space anymore and is a perfect ay to get Nintendo faces to the launch to make up for the lack of new games. I reckon they should work hard to nab Dreamcast and sega Saturn titles as well.


Everything wants something for free, and frankly there’s many game I wont risk buying untill I’ve test played them

Classic budget games for WiiU

Chess, scrabble, simple games like this. They can make up a line line of budget download title for the casual market.

A few decent Apps

A paint app perhaps, a video diary, simple concepts like this that make use of the new controller.

A diverse range in pricing

Quite likely again as Nintendo already take this approach, but I’m all for a broader range as well as line-up of small games for 99p

PC games on the Virtual Console

There’s no reason not to and with the new controller many PC games that dont worl well with a tradition controller may now very well work, something like Starfleet Academy or Red Alert would probably work better.

Linking up with Social gaming

however it’s done Nintendo should link up with everything from games on facebook to Planetarion. At the least it is giving people free gaming experiences on the WiiU and Nintendo should be thinking ‘how do we make WiiU the ideal place to access facebook?’

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