Why no MMO Nintendo?

As the creative minds tick away over at Nintendo always looking for that new thing, it has always struck me odd Nintendo has aimed to put it’s stink on the MMORPG. Well maybe not because their consoles untill the wiiU have been too weak to support and full-scale MMO ala the many PC ones. Now however is the time, the WiiU seems powerful to support one and the controller ideal to play one. And Nintendo aren’t short of games that lend themselves to an MMORPG. But is it all too much work?

The possibilities.

Both Fire Emblem and Zelda could make great MMOs. Zelda for example could tell the story of a time when Link doesn’t appear and it is left up to Zelda to lead the Hyrulians, and they would act as playable races. Pilotwings could offer up a very unique and very Nintendo approach to the MMO, with the RPG element taken out as well. Then of course there’s animal crossing as well. But what’s that other one you just know would be a blockbuster hit?


The idea sells it’s self, it is perhaps the ultimate MMO, and could take inspiration from World of Warcraft to begin to see how it could work. It’s totally doable but is one hell of a mammoth task…The kind of game that takes 5 years to make. Nintendo, you would be fools not to get cracking!

Why Nintendo won’t

MMOs are problematic for Nintendo for a few reasons. 1, they too big of a project, Nintendo like to keep small. 2, the communication aspect is far too much for Nintendo to want to handle. They want to moderate everything and play things very safe, so this aspect to an MMO is very off-putting. 3, with Pokemon being the core contender, it is clear to see it would be amazingly complex to pull off correctly. Nintendos anal attention to detail would make any such game the most delayed game in history, after all, have you ever played a glitch free MMO? Nope! And finally if I’m to be nasty, basically what this amounts to is, Nintendo are cheap and never do what you REALLY want them to do. They might make and MMO one day, but it wont exactly be an MMO and it will lack everything MMO fans want.

Why Nintendo should

Nintendo are in it to make money, can you imagine pokemon as and E-Sport? And Smash Bros? They make perfect sense. It is also something they have never done and a genre begging for a fresh injection of ideas, which Nintendo could clearly deliver. Get it right of course and you have a serious cash cow. I cant think of any that could beat world of Warcrafts fantasic sales records other than a Pokemon MMO. And after all these years perhaps the top down pokemon games games for handhelds are getting a bit well worn.


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