WiiU secrets.

WiiU still has many untold features says Nintendo after an almost universal thumbs down to the E3 presentation and only a smattering of people defending them by saying the WiiU seems great hands on. But cynicism mostly aside and being realistic because the chances of Nintendo having hid something truly exciting is remote, I shall muse over what could be yet to be revealed and what should be revealed…

First the obvious

We are well aware of NFC but we are unaware exactly what this entails besides a few gimmicks seen in the leaked Rayman Legends Trailer. There was also the rumours about Haptic technology, although after E3 this does seem unlikely now.

Wii and GC downloads.

We know Nintendo is quite serious about the WiiU’s download services and we’ve been told the WiiU will be compatible with mosh external hard-drive via USB connection so storage limits are no longer an issue at all. So GC and Wii games seem like perfect candidates for the Virtual Console. It’s seems highly likely this will happen even if it takes a while to materialise but it could be a quick, if cheap, solution to the lack of Nintendo names on launch day, so I’d be on it like Plastion fan ti yet another COD. I’m sure many would appreciate the chance to download Smash Bros Melee, Mario Sunshine and any of the 3 Zelda games for the 2 consoles. It would be nice if the did Hd makeovers too, but I won’t hold my breath.

A clever Camera and Augmented Reality

ZombieU gave us glimpse of the WiiU camera can do with the feature which allows you to Zombify your own face, and how this is done hints strongly to some reasonably good motion detection technology in the Camera. Which also open the the possibility of facial recognition which could create any number of gaming possibilities sort of like Kinect but with the face rather than the body. Augmented Reality is certain considering it done on the 3DS and Nintendo have clearly figure out how to do it cheaply already. Perhaps they will take AR to the next level, but as with a very impressive camera, I don’t hold my breath for anything too elaborate.

Application Heaven/Hell

While I sense Nintendo is having an uphill battle finding them, I imagine the E-shop will feature many more applications than any other console, quite possibly want to steal as much front the existing tablet market as possible. This makes perfect sense as the WiiU can be seen as the poor mans tablet, and the tablets fans preferred gaming device, if marketed right. nintendo already sees merit in applications as proven by DSi,

 Board Game Heaven/Hell

The WiiU seems ideal for computerised versions of just about every board game you can think of, and to get that casual audience, games like Scrabble, Chess, ludo, monopoly etc are essential. Never beforem you could argue, has there been a console so ideal for these games. The tablet and TV relationship allows for some interesting ways to do board games. I’d be on it like Microsoft to an idea Nintendo thought of first. Simple cheap proven game in a new and ideal gaming format. They make for the perfect simple downloads for the shop.

Social media cave in.

Miiverse will fail. Nintendo should get with the times and not let someone else do the obvious and create proper link ups between Twitter and Facebook. It makes sense for the 3DS too. It woul be nice to get a steam of status updates as and when you like while you play. I know Nintendo say this is the point of Miiverse, and it might be great, but it wont stop me from wanting to check facebook out, and Mii will never have all my friends on it. Many also like to tweet how they feel about their gaming and want to do that on twitter, regardless of what Miiverse will offer. Eventually and perhaps quickly they will provide the option to have live streams of your facebook and twitter accounts on your WiiU. It makes perfect sense, and is called ‘being with the times’

Built in gaming and features

The rumour mill is already suggesting Nintendo Land will be free with the console, but I bet there was a few more small games built-in like Face Raiders and AR on the 3DS. As for apps, we know video calling is a free built-in feature, and there’s also Miiverse, and an Internet browser. Existing apps like a camera feature Internet browsing and picture editing tools are bound to return to the WiiU and are likely to be more elaborate. That panoramic camera thingy would make for an interesting approch to the WiiUs answer to the 3DS’s ‘Nintendo Video. I’ll also bet after all this time Nintendo will finally include and Mp3 player in their console and more of a chance to play your own songs when playing games, which is not hard considering we know any external hard-drive can be hooked up to the WiiU.  Nintendo like the simple stuff, so a random guess, which I’ve always been surprised has never been done properly is a radio feature. Throwing in DAB or a competant internet radio service seems like a simple but sweet bonus no one has done on a console. Ive always though this made perfect sense for games like GTA. Dreaming, I think voice recognition, a paint/drawing application and a simple but competant video editor should all be included gratis, and there’s no reason the latter 2 can’t be connected to enhance one another.

And so…

The possibilities are endless but like my ideas the reality is probably obvious, wanted, but a bit unspectacular. The question is how much does Nintendo think it has to learn from the Wii, and how much of that have they actually learned. History calls for concern, but there are some early signs that perhaps they will break with tradition and not give us a console that Shoulda Woulda Coulda when it comes to the built-in and online features. For now I will try to find it in me to be optimistic!, but the more ominous Nintendo are the more lackluster their surprises normally are.

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