What we are NOT in rush to see on WiiU

Nintendo aren’t famed for correctly anticipating the needs and wants of its fans. What was once a complement I gave to Nintendo has become a pain in the backside….Nintendo make the games you don’t know you want to play. Besides not making many games anymore, they are now in a situation where’s there’s so much only they can make that we REALLY want to play and we’d prefer it if these games came first. So here is a list of Nintendo games I hope will be put on the back burner untill  more wanted titles we haven’t seen for ages turn up.


I know this has a growing cult fan base but I never ‘got’ it, It does nothing for me and Nintendo have been giving this IP a lot of attention ever since they created it. It is time they decided to give it a break like their many other IPs that have been on hiatus, it’s only fair.


Samus Spent the last half of the 90’s in a closet, and since around 2002 we haven’t been able to get rid of her. That’s no big complaint, because all of her games have been fantastic, but once again, this is an IP that’s had a lot of attention, and if resources are tight, then I vote for Samus to take a break as well. I’d defo would rather have Star Fox and F Zero first.


Kirby never takes a break, I swear there’s like 2 Kirby games every year and while I love that pink ball, Kirby is and always will be one of Nintendos weaker IPs. That’s not entirely true. When Kirby  tries something different they pull off some great games, including Epic Yarn and Canvas Curse, but we wont see games like them again. Now if Nintendo want to make a WiiU version of Canvas Curse, I’ll be on it like Sega to a bad idea, but other wise I can wait for Kirby.


Not my favorite IP and Nintendo are too cheap to make this game stand out from the plethora of virtual pet games these days. Plus I feel this should have died on the DS. The 3DS version has been something of a failure, not even managing 10% of its predecessors sales. Nintendogs is over, please don’t bring it back. This really would be a total waste of time, and defo is the last game on anyones mind, not just the fanboys.


Not totally owned by Nintendo but they latch onto it. If nothing else it’s time to keep the theme but change the brand. Once again so many people are doing games like this far better than Nintendo can be bothered, and the simplicity novelty is over with now the bells and whistles have got out of control on the million other types of games you can get, most of which are a fraction of the cost Nintendo would charge.


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