Nintendo hate campaign?

Mr Iwata has made the following statement expressing Nintendos belief there is a deliberate campaign to tarnish the Wii Us reputation:

“There have recently been negative campaigns on the internet in which false opinions are deliberately posted to ruin the reputation of a product. Such vicious rumours are a big problem and could be considered business interference.”

It goes without saying that if you regularly check in at ‘Mynintendonews’ or ‘Nintendolife’ that over the past months there has been many conflicting rumours but most suggest the Wii U is unimpressive technology. I personally pay no attention to these rumours. How powerful the Wii U is still unknown, but it has to be said from what we’ve seen it doesn’t seem to be leaps and bounds beyond the 360 or PS3, and rumours or not, that is basically what all those “false opinions” are saying. So considering the evidence thus far drives the objective eye to the same conclusion and Nintendo refusal to yet provide the exact tech specs, do they much of a reason to complain?

They should also know by now that every time Nintendo withheld information people speculate like crazy, mostly for positive reasons, we crave to know what they are up to, but at the moment there has been many let downs mostly due to over optimistic imaginations and now people don’t assume the best. People are more willing to speculate that no news is BAD news when it comes to Nintendo.  The Wii has been flat-lining for 2 or so years, Nintendos offerings for the 3DS are still materializing from being announced well over 2 years ago and it was salt in the wound we saw virtually nothing new from them at E3 2012. From all sides Nintendo are letting fans down and this kinda shit doesn’t inspire confidence.

This and anything else I say is no excuse for people making stuff up and claiming things to be a trusted source, good or bad, but the honest concerns and complaints of fans are hard to distinguish from any negative campaign because the assumptions based on what we’ve seen are the same as the claims. So lies or not they match up to people’s best guesses, excluding the remaining overly optimistic fans.

Nintendo like to make out us fans are impossible to please, but on the issue of graphical power it’s as simple as this…Lots of power pleases lots of people, modest power impresses no one. And that WiiU controller could crap gold, most people are willing to bet it’s another gimmick. So basically you’ve got the Trifecta; concern over games, something that looks like it might be a gimmick and no optimism over the visual capabilities. These speculations aren’t the fault of trolls or angry fans venting, it is a fact of matter caused by Nintendos own actions, or lack of.

We can all assure Nintendo that no fan is ever going to turn around and say “For fucks-sake Nintendo this console is way too powerful!”

Alas, I have a feeling we will never get the official word on the Wii U’s tech specs. I feel it’s quite clear they are nothing worth showing off about and admitting to them might be like doing a Ratner. However, the notion that are only 50% better than the 360 is laughable, Nintendo clearly aren’t that stupid.

To this day Nintendo are the top dogs of gaming, it’s just a shame that Nintendo cant realise that with fame comes a much greater need to crowd please. We know its your company and your console, but if you think it’s all about what you want, well, you’ve already turned people off. Are you sure it’s trolling Nintendo? Or is this just another case of you guys being really rubbish at PR and publicity?

Lets put it this way Nintendo, if you had got it right, you wouldn’t be in this mess. People always hate on Nintendo, you’re real problem is that, from where I stand at least, it’s very hard to find people to come to your defense. Everyone from me to IGN to project rainfall is trying to crack the whip or wondering what the hell you are up to. We are not amused and it’s your own damned fault people are assuming the worst. You can moan about fabricated statements, but it speaks volumes about what you are doing wrong.


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