Future 3DS Firmware update suggestions for Nintendo

These are a few constructive points that should be do-able and not wishing thinking.

Changes to Activity logs’ ‘Charts’

I left my 3ds on the system settings for hours and it reads as my 10th most played game. Can we remove features like ‘system settings’, ‘health and safety’ and the activity log it’s self from the charts? Seems a bit daft to have them on there, not that it’s a serious issue!

Icon improvements for Dsi games.

They look a bit rubbish. It’s another minor issue but they do look tacky.

Ability to read Dsi games stored on your SD card.

If you have filled up your system memory like me with Dsi games, and you’re having to store some on your SD card you know you cannot access them. It’s annoying and it has put me off buying more Dsi games because it’s just too cumbersome to be swapping them around. I want them all at a touch!!!

Improve the ‘Game Notes’ feature.

This digital note pad is pretty basic and dull. I suppose it isn’t supposed to be a lark, but it wouldn’t kill to put in a few more features, like the simple stuff you see in Windows paint. Why not turn it into a basic ‘Paint’ like application. It’s not hard, and makes for some nice extra free features that don’t break the bank.

Browser update

I love my 3ds but the browser just isn’t worth bothering with simply because it is too slow. Surely there’s a way to speed it up.

So there’s my few suggestions which I think you will agree are pretty reasonable requests, but I will not try to argue they are serious issues either, but every little helps Ninty!


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