3DS Review – Resident Evil Revelations.

Like any RE game the thing that always makes me give them a chance is the fear factor, attention to detail and the cinematic experience and you’re getting all that with Revelations and several treats and improvements. I’m happy to say this is the most enjoyable RE experience I’ve had.


You play as various characters and the key setting for this game is a cruise ship. Revelations follows the gameplay structure set up in RE 4 but totally shakes up the storytelling format, breaking the game down into episodes with ‘previously’ cut scenes giving the game the feel of a TV series. Also features online co-op, various difficulty settings and challenges.


Basically the first impression I had after an hour of playing it, was ‘this is spooking the hell out of me and I don’t want to put it down!’ The visuals impressed immediately, the game play tried and tested but perfectly fine, and it was clearly a game that wanted to get the most out of the 3DS and offer owners a triple A experience. You know you are getting your monies worth with Revelations.



Revelations felt like it was made for me. Basically everything that put me off playing the other games had gone. A much simpler inventory system, a more digestible framework with more frequent laid out goal posts, and a kinder saving system that saves on much backtracking. The game break it’s self down nicely avoid the feeling of being in the same location too long, exploring different places with different casts without feeling deliberate or unwanted thanks to how it tells the story. As I felt like I was getting a touch bored on the boat I then find myself somewhere else doing something else. This in turn encourages an interest to return back to the boat and soon I was. Very nicely paced indeed.

Playing Revelations was like watching a good mystery-based Tv series. The ‘previously’ feature in the game was a stroke of genius pulled off to perfection. Not only was it useful in staying on track and gearing you up to play, but it brings a sense of style and drama to the storyline. It was done for all the right reasons and that just gave even more value to this well crafted game. I loved the game’s storyline. I wont pretend it’s a work of art, you have simple and cynical look at neo conservatism via conspiracy, but it’s done well using to great effect the world of RE, namely the FBC and the BSAA. I loved all the stuff about Terragrigia too. You’re invested in the people and resolving the various mysteries, it’s every reason to carry on playing and for a story to do that in a game, you are unquestionably playing something of quality!


I’ll admit to being a pussy…It scared to hell out of me playing it at night, and more often that not I was just walking around! These games still know how to creep you out. I feel very sorry for anyone desensitized to such stuff because you’re missing out on something done so right in this game. Clearly bonus points here due to it being on a handheld. They avoided overkill as well, making the frights all that better! The most Creepy moment for me had to be the first boss, the communications officer. It totally freaked me out! It was 2 in the morning and I honestly felt like it was not worth risking nightmares over and saved it till daytime! I’m 27 FFS! Great stuff.


The story-telling was all a bit ‘Desperate Housewives’ a odd comparison, Lost might be better, but I really think anyone who likes a mystery show can enjoy this game, and it is perhaps a great choice for female gamers who are looking to give a scary game a try. There’s a sense of scandal and controversy that goes beyond being a technical and male orientated action story, it’s easy for anyone to get wrapped up in the mystery.  You’re mostly playing as a credible female character who isn’t cynically sexed up. Jill is of course a well established character in RE, and it’s a character the female audience will love for being fearless and intelligent. I love her for it. I’m sure Jill gets the Feminist stamp of approval! The casual mode in the game is also great for, well, casual players. If like me you have always found RE too much of challenge, this game has thought of you!



Perhaps it’s a little bit too short and perhaps there could have been a bit more fighting. Another complaint I guess is the lack of extra features. A few more bonus modes would have been nice, I was a bit bummed out that the ‘challenges’ were just accomplishments. But the online does make up for this quite a bit.


It’s not to hard to award this game a solid 96%. It is the second best game I have played on the 3DS so far after Kid Icarus. I might be being a touch generous because I am so delighted at how much I have enjoyed a Resident Game, it’s safe to say I haven’t been as surprised by game in, what feels like, a very long time. But I think you’ll find this game is being received well by most people and I whole heartedly recommend it to everyone.

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