Lost Nintendo games: Bring back or Better Best Forgotton?

Nintendo have a surprising about of franchises we haven’t seen for a long time. We can all point to the likes of F Zero & Star Fox, great Nintendo games we haven’t seen properly since the Gamecube, but there’s many more less talked about games that seem at risk of being lost to time.
So let’s have a look a number of them and ask if they should return on the Wii U or 3DS or if they are best left to history.

GAME : Chibi Robo (Gamecube + DS)

JIST OF IT: You run around a home as a small robot doing chores for your human owners.

RECEPTION: Scores varied from 7.1-8.5 out of 10.

WHY WE PROBABLY HAVEN’T SEEN IT: Sales weren’t amazing, and in all fairness it’s the most recent game on the list.

BRING BACK? – ****absolutely! I’d say it was highly likely as well.

GAME : Doshin the Giant (64DD/Gamecube)

JIST OF IT: You control a god-like giant who can change between good and evil. You rise out of the sea each morning and wander large islands helping to develop and destroy civilisations.

RECEPTION: An average of 6.8, and that’s generous

WHY WE PROBABLY HAVEN’T SEEN IT: It’s was a brilliant concept and it almost got it right, but it didn’t. I have always thought however that is deserved a 2nd chance, there’s something brilliant in this idea if it can be found.

BRING BACK? – ***Yeah why not if someone feels up to it but I’d say it’s the least likely on this list to return.

GAME : Excitebike (N64)

JIST OF IT: The 3D revamp of the NES classic: A motorbike racing game.

RECEPTION: Very good! averages of 9/10

WHY WE PROBABLY HAVEN’T SEEN IT: God knows considering Nintendo’s attention to the Nes classic on their online shops. In its absence they have of course experimented with the ‘Excite’ series resulting in ‘Excite Trucks’ and ‘Excitebots’ – but it’s been 13 years and 3 console generations.

BRING BACK? – ****oooooh yes! It’s been 13 years and 3 console generations since a full-on Excitebike game and the gaming market has had few motorbike offerings for a while now. Will they bring it back this generation? I find it hard to take a guess. My money would be on ‘no.’


GAME : Pokemon Snap!

JIST OF IT: On rails, you travel around locations snapping pictures of Pokemon being scored on the quality of the picture and the pose. You also figure out how to oust many hidden Pokemon. Thie point is to ‘Snap em all’ and aim for high scores.

RECEPTION: Averages of 8/10 & a strong cult following.

WHY WE PROBABLY HAVEN’T SEEN IT: It wasn’t a game with the broadest of appeal and for Nintendo it was only ever really a mess-about project that became a game. Nintendo were surprised so many liked it, and for those it suited, boy did they appreciate it!

BRING BACK? – ******You betcha! It’s perfect for the Wii U; The controller as your camera would be awesome, there was so much room to expand as well! It’s solves EXACTLY what held the original back. Top of the list! Nintendo certainly have thought about this game on Wii U, not that they’ve said anything to help judge the possibility of coming to be.

GAME : Ice Climbers

JIST OF IT: climbing up mountains solely to reach the top using a hammer to fight your way up

RECEPTION: Hard to say as many review are retrospective, mediocre in general but it has its fans

WHY WE PROBABLY HAVEN’T SEEN IT: It must be hard to know what to do with it, the concept is rather dull for the modern age.

BRING BACK? – ****Defo! Even if they kept it basically the same but with better visuals it would make for a great discount download…Quite possible too because there are many fans requests.

GAME : Balloon fight (NES)

JIST OF IT: Floating through the sky via balloons dodging stuff, going from the picture, a close Mario spin-off!

RECEPTION: Pretty good.

WHY WE PROBABLY HAVEN’T SEEN IT: We kinda have, both in Warioware and Nintendoland, but it’s never had it own proper game. It is possibly seen as too simple a concept to warrant a proper new game.

BRING BACK? – *****Limited the idea might be, but it is perfect for a simple & reasonably priced e-shop download. There is a enough steam and potential left in Balloon Fight for a new but modest title. But with its inclusion in Nintendoland, that’s possibly our lot for the foreseeable future.

GAME : Rogue Squadron (N64/Gamecube)

JIST OF IT: Nintendos (almost) exclusive  line of Star Wars Space shooters.

RECEPTION: Generally excellent. Although the 3rd installments new types of missions upset many. Considering visually and technically impressive – Still look impressive today.

WHY WE PROBABLY HAVEN’T SEEN IT: Not up to Nintendo and structural changes at Factor 5 and Lucas arts saw it die a death.

BRING BACK? – ***********DAMN RIGHT!!! But there’s about as much chance of that as Lucas selling Star Wars to Disney. Oh wait. You never know, but assume no.

GAME : Wave Race + 1080 (N64/Gamecube)

JIST OF IT: Jet ski and snowboard racing games

RECEPTION: Very good

WHY WE PROBABLY HAVEN’T SEEN IT: Whatever other reasons there might be it’s not as if either get talked about much. They are liked they’d be welcomed back, but there’s too many other games wanted more such as F Zero & Star Fox.

BRING BACK? – *****Absolutely, and they make sense on the Wii U. So little is said on either you have to assume we won’t be seeing them anytime soon. But for all we know they could be just around the corner.


GAME : Earthbound/Mother (SNES/GBA, almost 64DD)

JIST OF IT: a JPEG series starring Smash Bros legend Ness with a fantastic sense of humour.

RECEPTION: Very good.

WHY WE PROBABLY HAVEN’T SEEN IT: After the Snes games Nintendo attempted a N64 game which after years of troubles ended up as a GBA game. After that game the lead designer said was Earthbound was over for good.

BRING BACK? – *****Get on it Nintendo! At some point even if it takes another 10 years I’m sure We’ll see a new game despite noises to the contrary. This franchise has a diehard fan base.


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