5 Things the Wii U has got wrong (and its too late to fix.)

Here we go:

  1. The CPU is less powerful than the one in the 360 or ps3….Yup thats right, they can’t even better 7 year old technology.
  2. In general the Wii Us graphical capabilities aren’t even 50% better than the 360 or PS3, meaning that in 2 years, once again, Nintendo fans will miss out on all the good 3 rd party games…Or suffer inferior looking ports.
  3. Nintendo have announced only 1 1st party games of any relevance…Pikmin 3…And considering fans have been waiting 3-10 years for this game, it’s a seriously poor showing….And its already been delayed missing the launch.
  4. The Wii U controller is stupidly expensive (£107), can only handle single touch, has a very battery life (>3hrs) and looks like one of those kids PC’s they used to make in the 90’s.
  5. The console is stupidly over priced for 7 year old technology with no DVD playback, no built in games, only the Wii U gamepad (no Wii mote or classic controller) and very low hard-disk space. By no means is it good value for money.

Finally, Nintendo has failed epically to sell us the WiiU. It turns out quite a few of the launch games are actually pretty darn good, but how would we know? They can’t advertise for shit, and they know as much about good PR as the infamous Ratner. And in the spirit of Mr Ratner, The Wii U is a piece of cheap tat were being over-charged for.

I’m sure I’ll buy one, but like my Wii, it will just on top of my PC tower doing fuck-all after Pikmin comes out.


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