The Nintendo website is seriously shit.

I’ll keep this brief.

First of all Nintendo, your website is crap to navigate, slow to run, looks dated and has a serious lack of information and content.

Second, where are all the games? if I pop along to your site, I’m probably looking for whats coming out soon, or has just came out. You only promote a handful of games. You don’t even have a catalogue of games for any of your consoles past present or future.

Third, all the independent websites like IGN who don’t even update their Wii or DS sections properly anymore still have more information of all types than your good selves. It just looks like you couldn’t give a flying fuck.

Forth, Where is your forum? A proper contacts list, and why oh why do you use social media to either say Nothing or things we found out from other people before you!

So I said I’d it short and sweet and there it is. These complaints however are by no means short and sweet. Ideally Nintendo should press the delete button and get with the times and actually become the one stop shop for all things Nintendo. Right now it fails to even promote its own products properly


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