What is Retro up to? Skyfall Wii U exclusive perhaps?

Retro, AKA the new Rare, have been quite for sometime now and as Nintendos finest 2nd party developer us fanboys are very interested to know what they are up to. US Nintendo president Reggie Fils Aime has teased that Retro would kill him if he told us what they are working on. We essentially know nothing except that it’s probably going to surprise us.

In the past Retro have of course worked on the Metroid Prime, Donkey Kong and the Mario Kart franchises. It’s safe to assume the title Reggie is referring to is not any of these. Rumours have circulated that they are working on a Star Fox game and the more wild rumour that the game may incorporate the Metroid franchise. Then there was the Nintendo generated discussion about the idea of Retro taking a shot at the Zelda series, to which fans were overwhelmingly in support of. Both I’d say were unlikey for the first game they will release for the Wii U.

My theory is that Retro aren’t working on a Nintendo franchise at all. What have Nintendo consoles been missing since the N64? Something that’s not really them, but became iconic to the N64, and right now would be great to shake off the kiddy image? Have you noticed how there isn’t a game for the latest bond movie “Skyfall” Is this Retros secret project for Wii U?

Think about it. First Retro know how to make great FPS games, The Metriod Prime trilogy proves that. Second, why would a movie with a plot that oozes potential for a game, not get made? Third, what a great coup for the Wii U, and if done right and resonates memories of the Goldeneye days the Wii U will become a fully credible console, and who else could pull it off other than Retro? Fourth, I have a feeling Nintendo would pay to nab back the license, if only for just 1 game, particularly considering the team who are currently making James Bond games has pretty much come to an end now and retro are nintendos ultimate go-to for an exclusive FPS, which they do need.

Now of course there are many ways to find flaws in this theory, but lets just stress how odd it is that there is no actual Skyfall game. They’ll make a game out of absolutely anything, and yet they skipped over the best bond movie years, loaded with FPS potential? If you were Nintendo wouldn’t you have thought it a good idea? And of course we all know Nintendo would keep it top-secret, if only to avoid complaints of delays. But if someone else was working on a Skyfall game we would know about it.

I would love for this to be true, and it might be wishful thinking on my part, but it’s an interesting thought isn’t it? It certainly reeks of promise and it’s exactly what the WiiU could do with, and Retro, who diserve a shot at wider recognition, because they are amazing. An exclusive bond game that is actually good and can contend with Goldeneye would be the console coup of the century! Even if I’m wrong, if the idea didn’t cross Nintendos mind then they are freaking morons!

What do you think? What else might they be working on?


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