5 Nintendo games that neglect their online potential

1) Pokemon

Pokemon begs an MMO. If you play WoW, you know it is totally possible to make Pokemon an MMORPG. In my eyes it’s probably the only thing that could kill WoW. It’s a surefire hit if they can match WoWs ongoing appeal via expansion possibilities and plenty of end game content.

2) Smash Bros.

While smash Bros has had a good online outing, Nintendo is clearly missing out on turning Smash Bros into an e-sport. Nintendo is too socially shy to do what is required to make it an E-sport. In many ways that’s a shame because Nintendo is so good at multiplayer and Smash Bros is such a tightly designed game that Nintendo and Smash Bros seem perfectly suited to the world of e-sports. One might argue it’s an emerging market Nintendo should take advantage of now before they are playing catch-up even more.

3) Pikmin.

From what we know Pikmin 3 won’t have many, if any, online features. However if you think of the multiplayer feature in Pikmin 2 and imagine those concepts scaled up it’s easy to see how fertile the ground is for Pikmin online. If you allow the franchise to evolve the potential becomes huge, there’s huge potential for a evoltuoin of strategy and tower defense games…On another note, Pikmin vs Lemmings anyone?

4) Pilotwings.

The same old game with plenty of offline content but with those many island levels connected by an open world ocean ala Windwaker. In the spirit of an MMO content would be split between content that phases you out of the world eliminating all distractions and modifying the area to your specific, be it single  or counter/co-operative multiplayer, and content which can be played in the online world alongside the many other players. A levelling system could limit how far you can travel, and thus the bulk of the MMO experience becoming end-game content, and easing people into the experience and making the most of the feeling of exploration. Throw in more mission ideas, more modes of play there’s a big online game to be made. consider Pilot wings has never gone in for flight based battles, throw this in and you hugely expand the gameplay, not to mention the fact Pilotwings has never exploited its multiplayer potential. Plus who has ever done a flight sim MMO? – It’s new!

You might have gathered I’ve gave this much thought, and I know, I can dream on.

5) F-Zero.

Racing games online are nothing new, but 30 racers at once at insane speeds isn’t very common, in fact i’m quite sure it has never been done. F-Zero is also the perfect racing game for a track editor and allowing people to share their self-made tracks for online play is a fantastic way to expand online interest. Nintendo could even run competitions and make free downloadable cups consisting of the most popular fan made tracks, which Nintendo touch up and perhaps create new music and visuals for.

Overall I belive Nintendos core problems are that they shy away from MMO’s and E-sports. In some regards it’s no big deal, but with others. particularly Pokemon, their aversion to exploiting their online potential verges on pathetic.


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