5 reasons Micheal Patcher is wrong about Wii U.

Oh how I could talk forever about the Egg heads’ Mystic Meg, but I shall keep this post short and sweet for we could debate the many things he sees in his crystal ball and the fact is it’s a guessing game, not matter how clever you make your self sound. Micheal

So here are the 5 reasons Patcher is wrong about the Wii U

1) Because he is.

2) And always has been.

3) Nintendo consoles aren’t his thing, so who’s surprised he’s short on praise?

4) He’s repeating the same criticisms he made about the Wii towards the Wii U, even though he admitted he got it wrong on the Wii.

5) If he predicted one correct thing, he got 50 things wrong.

You’ve got to be pretty dim or lost in wishful thinking to bet against Nintendo. He does bet against them all the time and he is always wrong. When it comes down to it Patcher wants to see Nintendo meet his idea of gaming, and because they don’t they must be doing something wrong. By Nintendos own record, they are doing just fine. The only times Patcher has ever been right are when he has accounted for every possibility.


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