A Fairer look at the Wii U & 5 quick and easy improvements.

I’ll make no bones about the fact the WiiU is the most disappointed I have ever been with a console. The games available at launch were nothing sort of dire and several months on in late Feb 2013, things are not any better. The decent games expected to arrive by now have been pushed back, and Nintendo have given us Balloon trip and the SNES F Zero on the e-shop to make up for the empty line-up. One word. Pathetic.

However I’ve still clocked up some hours on the Wii U and I can say that I now get Miiverse and yes it is a great contribution. Playing NSMBU and having little messages pop up everywhere does make the experience feel more communal and interactive. And the fantastic artworks popping up on Miiverse are a joy to view, I wish I could draw! Miiverse was the right thing to do for sure.

I’m warming to the controller too. I much as haven’t enjoyed any of the games making use of it, like the cumbersome and drab Zombi U, its use off the controller does prove its potential. I still think the controller could have a better design, I still don’t like those analogues and multi-touch would have not gone amiss. It works but it does feel cheap. With the right minds however it shouldn’t be an issue as there are lots to exploit that opens up allsorts of new gameplay experiences.

So basically I’m at the same point msot people are now. The Wii U seems OK, but I’d like to know where the games are.

The 5 things Nintendo should address in the next 3 months…

As far as a shortage of games goes, we can expect magic. Nintendo chose to have a dry first year, as they normally do, and early adopters are made to painfully wait. So all we can do is sit back and wait. But here are 5 things Nintendo could crack on with and deliver to us pretty quickly, certainly way before they are in a place where new games are coming out with respectable frequency…

1) Get those updates to us fast that improve the speed of the OS.

2) Expand the Virtual console and deliver us some Gamecube titles….I’ll be honest Nintendo, I don’t give a rats ass about NES and SNES games. Been there, done that, played what I like to death. Deliver us some Gamecube ports!

3) Merge the Wii and Wii U… I want all my games in one place. Having to load up the Wii OS is cumbersome and seems pretty pointless. Don’t worry about a lack of Miiverse integration, just do it! I want all my Wii and Wii U downloads in the same place.

4) Colourise Miiverse….With all these fantastic artworks it’s time, and not hard, for Nintendo to allow the use of colour in postings, even if it’s only the choice of a handful of colours. If Nintendo have any shame and sense of class, they will give it the flexibility of Colours3D.

5) ONDM….Why not an Official Nintendo Digital Magazine? Or more simply put, a Nintendo News service. It would be nice to turn on the Wii U and have regular updates on everything Nintendo and WiiU. Nintendo could even put in weekly games in the same fashion as magazine puzzles. Uing Miiverse Nintendo through a magazine could run its own Nintendo Meme base, highlight community humour and the best of Miiverse artwork. The magazine could also arrange and promote online tournaments, if Nintendo gets off its lazy ass and pays attention to that thing known as “E-Sports.” If nothing else it would make sense if the console was the definitive source for all news relating to it. One simple and sensible example would be if WiiU OS promoted upcoming Nintendo Directs. They could even record them so the second screen provides additional information. The problem is Nintendo has always been the last place anyone goes to find out thing about Nintendo. That has to change.


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