5 possible Wii U improvements.

Right, this list is not cynical, or is expecting the impossible. It’s not a list of game suggestions or fantasy directions Nintendo should take it. It is 5 reasonably simple and viable ideas that can be accomplished  pretty quickly, not that it makes them all that likely. With that said the first is a little ‘out there’ so I’ll get that one out the way first….

Release a Deluxe Gamepad, and perhaps a better console model.

Better considered design, improved screen quality, longer battery life. There’s no great love for the current design, it looks cheap and uninspired and is considered limited. A sleeker, more gamer-pleasing design if nothing else wouldn’t hurt. Over time plenty of people are bound to need to buy a new one anyway, and the fact is a lot of people are stupid enough to think a new design means a whole lot more than jsut a different plastic moulding! A new console with a better running OS and internal memory with a design that feels more departed from the Wii’s wouldn’t hurt either. It would certainly be appreciated by gamers in the core 18-30 male demographic and Nintendo fans too. It would really help in brushing aside a lot of the bad image the Wii U has already earned which cut shirt makes the Wii U look inferior to a 360. This is nothing more elaborate really than a DS to Dsi-style remodelling and that worked well enough. You obviously cannot improve the Wii U’s graphical capabilities and make previous models unable to play any possible future games, but again such and upgraded modelled can do a lot to help dispel that image.

Speed up virtual console releases and hurry up with Gamecube titles!

It’s the one area where you’d think the games would flow, but no. And why no GC games? Surely GC games are the big appeal to to the Wii U’s virtual console, well they were to me, I was stupid enough to expect them already. GC titles are already long overdue! The Wii U’s virtual console is frankly depressing all around so far There’s no sign of any Mega Drive or Master system games, never mind the Dreamcast. Get your asses into gear and take my money!

Re-think E-shop pricing.

The prices lets be clear are arbitrary, and some are too steep, particularly with Virtual console titles. There are virtually no SNES titles I’ll ever be willing to pay £5.49 for. I’ve only brought any of my titles on special offer call me tight but non of the games feel worth their price, the exceptions I’d say are Toki Tori 2 and Trine 2. But the fact is the E-shop is a bit over-priced. Personally I’d say in general everything should come down in price by 1 to 2 pounds. As for disc-based titles, well it varies but needless to say you can save anything from 5 to 25 pounds if you continue to buy games on disk, convienience really comes at a price.

Re-think the design on the OS

It’s rather bland and still slow. Personally I don’t know why a variety of themes or customisation can’t be put on offer. At any rate I’m no real fan of the current design and a full rethink is probably the best way to over come the limitations that still result in very annoying load times, despite the update.

Release a free paint app.

Simple, easy to make and a sure fire pleaser, everyone likes to doodle! It could also have tools to edit pictures/screenshots and create memes  and be incorporated into Miiverse. Freebies of any kind are an easy way to keep people happy and such a thing is a fun way to allow people to have more fun with Miiverse. Nintendo have said it’s all about getting people to use the Wii U, well a paint app is something non gamers can have fun with, young kids can have fun with and is sat there if bored and wandering away from the Wii U.

But  forgetting this idea for a moment, because free or not a paint app is bound to come along soon, A free app with a long-life and broad appeal that gives the Wii U another use or compliments it’s other features is nothing but a good idea, and they don’t need to be expensive or complicated to satisfy people.

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