6 Wii U E-shop Mini Reviews.

Super Metroid


This SNES Metroid title is one of the most highly regarded games for the SNES and a Nintendo fanboy favorite. It’s an open world exploration 2D platform shooter with puzzle elements, boss battles and upgrades.

THE GOOD: It’s an all time classic that is the one of the finest games from the 16-bit era.
THE BAD: Clearly turned out to be too hard for new generations! It’s also a shame they couldn’t have gave it a little more polish.
THE VERDICT: I won’t recommend anyone buy any SNES games for £5.49, but it is an amazing game and I was glad I got it for 30p!

Trine 2


Trine 2 is a slow paced side scrolling platformer with a medival and magic vibe. You play as 3 classes complete with a levelling system and a talent tree much like and RPG. But this is platformer where you fight real time and with full control. There’s also a large puzzle element to the game and plenty of secrets to find.

THE GOOD: Visually Stunning, great soundtrack, rammed with content, worth it’s price, online play, dozens of hours of gameplay, decent challenge.
THE BAD: Bit glitchy, easy to cheat on a lot of things, controls could be better.
THE VERDICT: Not for everyone, but if it’s your type of game you’ll be full of praise, and no one can deny it’s a hearty package of a game and one of WiiUs best value for money games.
BUY THIS IF YOU LIKED: Golden Axe, World of Warcraft, Castlevania.



Little Inferno isn’t really a game. It’s a fire-place that you burns things in. The more things you burn the more money you get which you spend on different things to burn! Over time you unlock a variety of catalogues that include all sorts of strange things that can have strange effects to fire and can interact with each other in fun and humourous ways.The only real gameplay element is working out combos (burning certain things together) with a bit of wordplay being your only clue to each combo. It might sound pointless but I don’t regret buying it one bit!

THE GOOD: Charming and funny in a strange way, unique, oddly addictive, combo’s are fun brain-teasers.
THE BAD: Overpriced, it could have done a bit more.
THE VERDICT: You can’t help but like Little Inferno. You’ll only get about 6 hours of fun of it if that, but it turns out playing with fire is fun! The game creates a very tangible atmosphere that is easy to ignore, but there’s a great deal of thought and style to it all. it’s At full price I won’t urge you to buy it, but it’s worth getting on special offer. (B+)




The bit trip series is now familiar to many, and ‘Runner’ is a non stop 2D platformer that plays like and obstacle course to the beat of the song. This kind of game is an increasingly common genre, but Runner is one of the originals and one of the most challenging.

THE GOOD: Great style and presentation, Great sense of humour, ton’s of old-school appeal, a real challenge, lots of levels and extras and best of all Charles Martinent (Mario) narrates the game and is beyond perfect!
THE BAD: Music and levels were great but begged a bit more variety.
THE VERDICT: If you buy this game and hate it you will still be glad to have brought it for Charles Martinet, he brings the game to life! It’s nothing novel at this point but Bit Trip has it’s retro charm If you want a real old school challenge this seriously is for you.
BUY THIS IF YOU LIKED: Bit Trip series, Harmo-Knight, The 8 and 16 bit eras!



This is Kirbys only game on the Nes and one of the last games to be made for the Nes. It is everything you’d expect from a platforming Kirby game but in 8-bit.

THE GOOD: The apex of 8-bit era platformers, a remarkable amount of content and variety, a huge game for the era.
THE BAD: This is better purchased as a 3D classic on the 3DS, It begs a touch up, but the WiiU is the raw original in 50hz.
THE VERDICT: I nabbed this virtual console title at 30p, and while I think VC titles are shockingly over priced at full price this is an exception. It’s one of the best NES games you probably haven’t played, but as mentioned if you have a 3DS buy it on that. Whatever the choice, there’s no doubt that Kirby’s Adventure is sublime 8-bit gaming.




TORI TORI is a puzzle-game through and though but walks and talks like a 2D Platformer. While puzzles are a part of all games, TT2 is all about turning the ‘platformer’ entirely into a puzzle. Previous games, in a similar way to Lemmings gave you loads of small levels each with a limited selection of various of moves to execute to get to the finish line, and they’d often have to used in a very specific way. This Time Toki Tori 2 goes for an Metroid-like open world a now the only things Toki Tori can do now are walk jump whistle and pound the ground and all the other ‘means to the end’ are scattered around for you to figure out how to manipulate with your 4 simple moves. There’s no rush, few dangers and hardly and gaming skills required, it’s all about logical thinking and the process of elimination, and this degree of thinking in such a style is certainly a very different kind of brain-teaser.

THE GOOD: Charming in every way, intelligently designed over 25 hours of gameplay (if you work it out for yourself!), a serious brain teaser, a perfect evolution of the previous games. Incredibly rewarding for gamers who like a challenge, and I mean a challenge.
THE BAD: Will be far too difficult for some…However Miiverse proves it’s worth in bundles here and replies are quick, just a shame that guides defeat the purpose of TT, unless you really have tried eg over an hour, not under 5 minutes! It’s very unique combination of ideas and slow-paced heavy-thinking won’t be for all.
THE VERDICT: Toki Tori 2 was perfect for me, there’s no hand-holding, and your left to explore the game generally with-out being forced to clear areas in any order. This freedom does mean you get confused often and for people who whom it’s too much upcoming updates are working on this, but I liked it! I urge everyone to give TT2 a chance. The amount of thought that had to go into to it abundantly clear and it really is something different and only on offer on WiiU. It is my top pick for the E-Shop so far, the most fun puzzle-game I’ve played in ages.



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