PIKMIN 3 – Worlds shortest game?

So the reviews for Pikmin are starting to flow in and there’s one consistent point being made….The main game is awfully short – About 10 hours – and it’s all a bit too easy. This is not good news.

A 9 year wait for a 10 hour game then.  Fair play there are extra features…Missions and multiplayer, but from the sounds of it, that another 10 hours at most. There’s only 4 levels in the main game with no suggestion they are impressive in their size either.

Another bad sign is that Pikmin 3 proves how crappy those Wii U analogues are. No one recommends playing with the gamepad, they urge you too get those Wiimotes out for it….Then add, but the map on the gamepad is very important. Cue an awkward set-up!

fortunately non of the reviews are bad. Everyone seems to be fully enjoying Pikmin 3, it’s just that it’s a very short and rather easy game.

So basically if you’ve been waiting 9 years for another Pikmin game and since the Wii U launch for a good exclusive game, then Pikmin 3 is mearly a ‘starter.’ This isn’t going to fill the days until the next exclusive comes along. For most people, it sounds like everything will be over in a weekends play. That’s a damned shame.

At this rate I would start a countdown for Pikmin 4. Sales are pretty crappy already and the mentality at Nintendo certainly isn’t to do their games justice or give the fans they want. A hypothetical Pikmin 4 would probably be 1 level and 5 hours gameplay and it will probably not show up for 15 years.

I’ll be buying, but from the sounds of it, I’ll finish the game annoyed and unsatisfied. My excitement levels, 3 days from release are at a 9 year low.


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