REVIEW: DuckTales Remastered




Ducktales is a classic NES platformer by Capcom based on the 80’s Disney animated series of the same name, you play as Scrooge Mcduck on a mission to collect treasures. Levels are your typical left-to-right affair but with an added objective or two in each level to complete adding an element of back and forth exploration. This remastered version by ‘WayForward’ stays true to the original gameplay and level structures while obviously upgrading the visuals and audio. It also adds in a story, voice acting, new difficulty modes and plenty of extras to unlock.



Upgrading games can go very wrong, you can change too much or make the wrong visual choices, but WayForward struck gold with what appears to be a very fruitful co-operation with Disney. This remake includes all the original voice actors from the show, while the animation is faithful to the original TV style, helped by the nice added touch of having the original artist from the show involved in project. It’s the perfect direction for such a remastering, being so faithful to the TV show is the perfect touch. What makes it even sweeter is that  Ducktales hasn’t been seen for about 2 decades so it’s a nostalgic reunion for the show as well, and for those of us who grew up with it, that’s freakin sweet.


The story is easy to cut out if you dislike stories in games, but it is enjoyable the first time around. Just about everyone from the show is involved and to say the story is created around  the original, they’ve done a great job of giving everything a purpose. It’s pretty funny too, I laughed out loud several times. “It’s the size, of, Ms Beagley!” It was a great trip down memory lane and as far as I’m concerned, a welcomed addition.



This is a faithful remake, so by todays standards a lot of things are left wanting. It’s not a big game, it’s gameplay and controls are simplistic and its difficulty can seem unfair. 2D platformers have come a long way since 1989 but Ducktales is what it is and Wayforward were right to not change how the game plays. In context to 1989 and now I’ve played it properly it is no doubt a triumph of the 8-bit era. It controls are responsive, level designs are good and diverse and the objective element to the levels is a rather elaborate touch for such a game back then.


It’s certainly a challenge too. The difficulty can be very unforgiving but it’s main audience audience, people like me, will love that about this game, it has a real sense of accomplishment. It’s 7 levels place varied demands on the gameplay and come with enough variety to nicely set each level apart one one another. Each level is also laced with secret locations and hidden items which along side the new unlockable content and various difficulties really encourages replays.


WayForwards remake does give you the option to nerf the experience, but I personally chose only to play on hard and it sure was a challenge. It took me back in time and it made me appreciate those days when completing a level felt like an accomplishment! Dying and having to start again?! It’s unheard of these days! I’m glad I took the challenge up. Ducktales totally tests your platforming skills and it’s something many of us miss and will have enjoyed a lot with this trip down memory lane.



Fans have always praised this games soundtrack and Wayforward couldn’t have remastered it much better. Each track is memorable, nostalgic and don’t get boring. Their remastered versions capture their quirky retro charm while giving them a more glossy modern and Disney feel. The tracks can’t help but induce smiles and sentiment in you, they are pure fun.



I’m so in the mood to be generous. Ducktales is remake that gets it right and has the added bonus of celebrating a classic Disney show that’s been mothballed for about 2 decades with faithful animation and voices. I am delighted. Sure it’s short and even with the new look, old by todays standards, but it’s a glorious bit of nostalgia that gets the ‘remake’ oh so right and plays like a dream.


95% Maybe I’m sentimental, but this pushed all the right buttons, it was made for me!


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