4 Wii U E-shop Mini Reviews.

My second round of E-shop mini-reviews covers the space-shooter Nano Assault Neo (8.99) 2D platformer Cloudberry Kingdom (£7.99) The virtual console title Super Mario World (1.49p to upgrade or £5.49) & and the Drawing app Art Academy (£3.59).

Nano Assault Neo


This is top down 3D shooter, which sets its-self in microscopic environments, essentially fighting on and around the surface of cell clusters shooting down bacteria. For a modestly price download it is visually pleasing and technically competent. Its upgrade system and alternate weapons options is simple but fun adding a welcomed layer of tactics to the gameplay. The high score/combo system can come down a little to chance, but it works well at drawing perfectionists back. People who like to play for the best high scores will kill a lot of time on this game. Those not bothered about going for gold may find it a little bit short. However there is some replay value here for all, you may play through the content pretty quickly but the scope for improvement is clear. If you like space-shooter games it’s well worth buying.

80% – Good game but over a bit too soon.


Cloudberry Kingdom


Cloudberry Kingdom is a hardcore 2D platformer paradise, at least it should be. Its amount of levels, gameplay options and modes is mighty impressive and for the right people they will be delighted. But as a lover of 2D games and tough games I personally found myself getting bored pretty quickly. However it feels wrong to bash this game, because for what it is trying to be it is no cop-out. It’s a hearty package for its price range and it was made with a lot of love. I probably wouldn’t have brought this game if I had spent time with it beforehand, but now I have it, it is good to have it there to dip into now again, and with the amount of content and challenge this game has I could be dipping into it for years to come. But overall I personally didn’t feel the love and I really wanted to.

68% – Top package but fails to keep you interested.

Super Mario World


The classic SNES games returns once again for what is a minimal effort port. Fair enough it is Virtual console title, but as we know Nintendo can’t even be bothered with making sure VC titles are 60hz, nevermind anything marginally more elaborate. Off screen play is hardly a bonus when it’s expected either. Still SMW as we know is one of Marios best outings. It’s a big game with a lot of challenge and many secrets. But despite the obvious old-school charm, this game never really pushed the SNES technology and it’s showing its age more than ever. Without going over the top a bit of a touch up wouldn’t have killed them. Still, let me stress that if you’ve never played it, this is one game virtual console game worth its price.

80% – 98% if this was still the early 90’s.

Art Academy


This is barebones art application that works very well. You only need look on Miiverse to see that if you can draw than Art Academy works incredibly well. It’s a very realistic drawing tool that sticks to the old school. Pencils crayons etc all draw and blend as you’d expect. Besides some simple features like zoom-in there are no effects or features that diverge away from its intended realistic drawing experience. A bad artist like me is a little let down by that, if you really can’t draw there’s not much scope for having fun with this. However judging it on what it is trying to be, it’s hard to fault it. It’s very responsive and fluid it’s does well at aiming to be realistic and at £3.59 you can’t grumble at the price. Plus even if you can’t draw, this is still a great app to having lying around to doodle with on a rainy day. Buyers can also look forward to new features, like drawing lessons, coming in the near future.

92% – Great at what it wants to be & a bargin.


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