REVIEW: Rayman Legends

So after the devolution of Rayman in the previous game Origins, Ubisoft clearly thought it would be a good idea to continue this new 2D arm of the Rayman franchise, and why not? Origins was competent game and it’s art style was delightful. It’s clear they’ve pulled all the stops for Legends; New gameplay styles, musical levels, full and fun use of the Wii U’s features as the 2 delightful demos they treated shown. So, is this ambitious and beautiful game the next best thing from Ubisoft?


I have absolutely no idea. You see Ubisoft decided to delay the game until they made the ports for 360, PS4 & Vita making us Wii U owners wait half a year more for it. So guess what I did? I said FUCK YOU.

The irony is, sales of the game have been dire. It’s hardly been out a month and Amazon have already cut its price in half and it has all but vanished from the top 40. This AAA title has flopped in a big way. So Ubisoft, what was the point in making us wait? Do you think us Nintendo fanboys are a sympathetic bunch when you mess us around? I’m not the only one who changed their minds.

I’ll do you a deal Ubisoft, when I can pick it up for £5, I might consider it. Until then, once again, FUCK YOU.


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