Wii U: That problem with the Virtual Console

I want to keep this short, so basically, the Virtual console for the Wii U consists of about a dozen SNES and NES games after about a year of the Wii U being on sale. Where the hell are the N64 and Gamecube games? For that matter why are Sega totally absent, not to mention all the other retro consoles? And why so few SNES and NES titles? Besides ‘Earthbound’ the virtual console is looking mighty unimpressive. The Virtual console in one word is shocking.

You’d think that it wouldn’t pose much of an issue porting old games to a console, it’s hard to see any credible technical issues to justify such a barren first year. Virtual console titles seemed like a perfect remedy for the barren release schedule of new titles, and classic Gamecube titles in particular a selling point for the Wii U.

The question is largely ‘when’ and not ‘if’ we see other platforms added to the VC, things are bound to improve. However the 2 systems I argue people want the most, The Gamecube and Dreamcast, it is, to be objective, still a question of ‘if.’ Nintendos silence inspires little hope, there is no official word on either. Windwaker HD might also suggest Nintendo plan more high-profile re-releases for classic GC games.

Forgetting the DC and GC, N64 games should have turned up by now and need arrive yesterday. It would be nice to think the delay might have something to do with upgrading the games to some extent, such as improved cameras, visuals, frame rates, etc, but I won’t be getting my hopes up for that either. Still, to kick off it’s not too high of us to expect we get something we didn’t have on the Wii, like Pilotwings 64, Mischief Makers, Snowboard kids, Mystical Ninja or its sequel.


Segas consoles need to turn up soon as well, even if all the best games probably came out already on the Wii Shop and I own most of them! There are still many other games for the Master system and Mega Drive, lots others from 3rd parties, the we didn’t get on the Wii. But there’s other systems like the Mega CD, 32X and Saturn as well which seldom get mentioned. They might be considered failed systems but they still had some good games that now have a lot of retro chic. They belong on the VC. I’d love to see Sonic R, Nights, Chaotix, Sonic CD, Chuck Rock, Bug and Clockwork Knight turn up. Why Sega are moving so slow is a total mystery, but they are well a work on 3D remakes for the 3DS, such as Streets of Rage.

As mentioned we also need the Gamecube and Dreamcast. They are a clear cut above what the Wii’s virtual console ever did and for size reasons what it couldn’t do. I for one am dying to play Jet Set Radio again for DC or Mario Sunshine for GC, and that just for start, I could reel off 50 games easily. Nintendo should not avoid these systems. But fair play, I can understand they might take a little longer if you didn’t have the foresight to plan ahead, the porting process is clearly more involved than with earlier systems.



The GC, DC and even the Mega CD, 32X, and Saturn are all pretty important, simply because they are new to Nintendos Virtual console efforts. The fact is the 8 and 16 bit thing is verging on being done to death. Yes there are still plenty of good games that skipped the Wii and credit for the Wii U focusing on such titles, but the novelty of 8 and 16 bit titles isn’t what it used to be. We want new VC systems, and at least the N64.

It’s not just about Sega or Nintendo either. There are options from Atari to PC. Whatever they do, a year of the just the SNES and NES is more than enough. The Wii U needs a strong Virtual Console, it’s time for Nintendo to up their game.

What games and systems do you want to see?




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