More unforgivable sexism from Nintendo.

Like me, you may have noticed a few feminists, one in particular, having fully laid out the problem of sexism and the poor representation of women in computer games. Many people disagreed, some violently so, but this following pictures proves that the feminists are right, take a look:


Disgusting isn’t it.

1) Just look how sexy they make look Peach look in that costume, the boys don’t look sexy in them do they?! How dare Nintendo!

2) And she’s playing a trumpet. Pure filth. We all know what that is alluding to. Blow job jokes on CD cover! This from a company that says it’s family friendly?! The sexist pigs.

3) And just look at the placement of the girls, why does Mario get preferential treatment? Men and mushrooms into Nintendo’s lifeboats first!

4) It’s pure tokenism that Rosalina is playing a guitar, and in black. To add insult to injury, the one female character not portraying a sexist stereotype had a huge fringe obscuring her femininity. And thus, as with all Nintendo females, can’t be feminine if you’re not being a stereotype. Sickening.

5) And of course Peach is guilty of the most pure and obvious form of misogyny, wearing pink! And just look at the placement of the pink stars! Come on Nintendo what are you playing at?!

6) And who said all fairies are female? Surely that’s phobic to us homo’s?

I’m sure I don’t need to carry on to point out that you can look too deep into anything and find problems, and that sums up a lot of the feminist critiques towards Nintendo. As a fanboy I am angry that Nintendo is accused of sexism. Sure the world of gaming isn’t perfect, but Nintendo have always done more than anyone to represent women in games and open up the world of gaming to women, For critics to sit there and bleat on about princesses is what you call looking for the one grey cloud on a beautiful day.

I can hear them now ‘Don’t try to say it’s not sexist that Peach bakes cakes for Mario.’ Sorry but it’s just as easy to argue that Mario is a slave to Peach. Afterall he is one of her subjects, and cue someone ranting about implicit imperialism! God save the Queen?! Can’t she save herself? SEXIST! As I said, look deep enough and you will find fault in everything. From accusations that Roald Dahl’s children’s books prove he was a fascist to the never ending argument that Shakespeare’s work proves he was gay. If you find an overt example of sexism and you’ve got a case, and obviously they do exist out there in many games, but you’re going out of your way to find problems when you can tear apart games as innocent as Mario.

To be blunt, a narrow minded Feminist that does a study proving she is right, is bound to raise eyebrows! It’s a little more than self-serving don’t you think? To that effect, I think these feminist critiques have more in common with the religious idiots who got angry with Harry Potter than any of the many valid feminist critiques of other things in this world. There’s an underlying drive that makes these people find faults; It’s not a quest to learn something and finding a problem along the way, half as much as it is about someone who’s got an axe to grind and finds exactly what they were looking for, by any means.


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