Why Super Mario 64 2 is still a good idea.

Super Mario 64 2 was a much desired game that never came to be. Back around 1999 the frenzy of speculation surrounding it was huge and it has never really died. Many assumed it was much more than it ever came to be in the development stage. I certainly did and this in no small part due to how much the gaming media liked to talk about it back in the day. The speculation carried on for years and many Nintendo fans still  feel this game should have happened.

It has also been known as Mario 128, but these are two seperate projects. While it was also dubbed as ‘Mario 128’ SM642 was a 64DD project in the spirit of the original didn’t get very far off the drawing board and Mario 128 was a tech demo for the Gamecube far removed from Mario 64 and had it’s ideas recycled into Pikmin and Mario Galaxy. That hasn’t stopped Nintendo fans from speculating on what it could have been.

Practically the only case anyone need make for Nintendo to make a game called “Super Mario 64 2” is that it’s a title that will get people’s attention, it’s 4 words that literally millions of people have wanted to hear while the coveted reputation of the original is huge brand power and will get people talking.

There’s a certain appeal among many people for games that never came to be and no matter how much time passes people would still like to see them be done, or what was made shown to us. Mario 64 2 is at the top of that list.

It doesn’t matter that Super Mario 64 2 never really was anything, and it definately doesn’t matter that the “64” label is now 4 generations old, that’s bonus retro appeal! Gamers love a bit of nostalgia! People might shut down the idea for it being too late; Mario 64, good as it was is now seriously dated and the gameplay isn’t good enough to make a sequel worthwhile. However, that is being too particular. It only need represent what could have been, what it can be in hindsight. It would only need to make gestural connections to the original, such as once again having Peaches Castle as the hub world. Beyond a few links it needn’t chain its-self to the original at all. If the game was good it certainly wouldn’t matter. It is just name, not a set of commandments.

It’s what you call giving the people what they want and exploiting a brand that is powerful even after all these years. Everybody wins! You could have called Super Mario 3D World, 64 2 instead, and if Peaches castle had been thrown in you’d have got away with it. I think it’s safe to say sales would have been better too.

Think about this for a moment. What raises your eyebrows more, “Super Mario 64 2” or “Super Mario 3D World?” Whether you think the former is exciting or absurd it piques your interest far more, and 3D World could have sooooooooooo got away with it.

Afterall the progression structure might be different but the new level designs have their origins in the 64. Levels like the ones connected to Bowser or the switches are the precursors to how a level in 3D world plays out. Also the one thing we do know about the original 64DD attempt was the intention to make it multiplayer as ‘3D World’ is. Truth be known 3D Worlds multiplayer is probably is the end of that mission to make 3D Mario games a multiplayer experience that began with the ill-fated Super Mario 64 2. Point is, it’s easy to make a game fit the retro title.

It really is just about the power in a name. So what if it’s not 64 bit, so what if it’s not really like the original, as long as there is that spiritual connection it would work and it would be wanted. Mario 64 2 is still a good idea.

3D Mario games aren’t exactly famed for shifting consoles, but if one 3D Mario game ever could, it’s surely one that that’s called “Super Mario 64 2.” It’s certainly not hard to imagine it becoming the best selling 3D Mario to date. What Nintendo fan wouldn’t buy it?!

The chances of this happening are of course slim to non, but the merits are clear. It creates no actual extra work for them except for what they create for themselves, it is just a title, but one that would get a LOT of attention. I suggest some market research via April fools day. The reaction will affirm the merits in the idea, because many fans are sure to be willingly fooled.

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