Wii U Raped by Xbox1 & PS4.

In what is likely to be a worldwide trend, the Xbox1 and PS4 have already outstripped the lifetime sales of the Wii U in the UK

Following on from my thoughts in my previous post, things for Nintendo are looking worse at the one time they needed to get better. This holiday period, a full year after the consoles release had been dubbed it’s proving ground, the 11th hour, the last chance, and this could have not been a much worse start.

It’s not all over yet by any means, but the sales data coming out in the aftermath of Black Friday are something of an atomic wedgie for Nintendo, particularly  as they release their triple A Mario title during this period. Sadly, Mario 3D World is the lowest selling 3D Mario title in Japan,  and it only reach #14 in the UK charts, being being by a 3rd rate PS4 game, the news from America isn’t likely to be much better.

Here in the UK, the 3rd most important gaming market, it’s not as if Nintendo ever do too well, but the Wii U has been out for over a year, the other 2 aren’t even a month old. That says the years head start is looking to have been no advantage to Nintendo at all. Nor has the release of 2 new consoles stimulated interest in the Wii U as Nintendo hoped they would.

However amidst the doom and gloom for Nintendo and early cheers for the other 2 it’s easy to forget that historically speaking almost every console suffers a slow first year, even after a good start. This is often due to the exact same complaint levelled at the Wii U; Not enough quality titles. The other 2 have already begun delaying games and it’s not as if there is much on the horizon with certain release dates yet. If Nintendo get 2014 right they may very well turn things around considerably.

The problem is a fun and filled 2014 is anything but certain. No one can say for sure and if recent years are anything to go by we cannot expect Nintendo to blow us away. And early days it might be for the new consoles, but to get ahead so early despite years head start is every reason for Nintendo to be more worried than they have ever been. They aren;t even connecting with their target demo, never mind gamers as a whole.

Some analysts have claimed the Wii U’s bad sales are due to Nintendo thinking only about us fans. I want to refute this strongly because this is one fan boy that hasn’t had his Nintendo fix on the Wii U yet. They’ve only made 2 games that come close – Pikmin and 3D World. Nintendo would do far better if they spent a bit more time catering to us fans, the idea Nintendo are only listening to us is laughable! They’d have to release a lot more games untill you could find such a pattern! Damn right they need to think more about the wider gaming audience, but before that, they simply need to make games.


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