One small point on Nintendos Jan 30th briefing.

Out of everything they said may I direct you to the revelation that DS games are coming to the Wii U. Prior to this announcement had you asked anyone what they wanted to see on the Virtual Console you would not have heard anyone asking for DS games, on the 3DS perhaps, but not Wii U. No, us Wii U owners had not given the DS a lick of thought. In fact to those of us who are interested in the virtual console this announcement is like a slap in the face. How loud do you have to say you want N64 and Gamecube titles? Not to mention all kinds of games from all of Segas old systems. Do people really care more about DS games?

DS might be coming to Wii U, but don't expect Mario Kart. You won't get it.

DS might be coming to Wii U, but don’t expect Mario Kart. You won’t get it.

Ok, so DS titles are designed to put the gamepad more to use and there’s clearly good reasons to promote its capabilities by whatever means and I’m not against DS coming to the Virtual Console, I will almost certainly make use of it, but the DS really is at the very bottom of my Wii U Virtual console wish-list.

After hoping and waiting to hear news all last year that N64 and GC titles in particular would be on their way to Wii U, and I’m sure I’m still not alone in that expectation, to have Nintendo throw that curveball was a WTF moment. It seems as if Nintendo are remarkably bad at listening. Not to me personally! I’m sure I haven’t even crossed their radar, evidently everyone is off their radar because I feel sure the majority are with me on this one. I find it hard to believe Nintendo aren’t aware people want more systems to appear on the Wii U VC, and I’m sure no one asked for DS!

In all fairness if GC came to the Wii U, you wouldn't get Double dash either.

In all fairness if GC came to the Wii U, you wouldn’t get Double dash either.

Perhaps the news I want to hear is just around the corner. Perhaps my dreams with come true and later this year everything from the Saturn to the Gamecube will crop up! But good news from Nintendo these days isn’t just around the corner, feels more like it’s at the end of a rainbow. It seems far more logical to assume this DS announcement is curtains for all but the N64 which surely has to turn up at some point. So, yeah, I iz overjoyed.

I have a dream...

I have a dream…

In other news they also said they need to focus on kids more. I may discuss that later if I can figure out how the chisel my thoughts down from 12873 words. Oh wait, just got it down to 2. Fuck off.


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