E-shop Mini Reviews


Swords and Soldiers
PRICE £2.69

This cheap and cheerful HD port of the Wii classic is well worth buying. It’s a comical and addictive tower defence game that keeps things simple but has plenty of challenge. There’s a sense that the campaign mode is over a little too quick but those who enjoy the game will find a lot of replay value in the games additional modes. It’s worth the price and worth anyone giving it a chance.


Darts Up!
PRICE £2.29

Not much to get positive about here. The controls work fair enough, it does what it wants to adequately for its pocket money price tag but you’ll be done with it in under an hour. The game modes are limited and while you shouldn’t expect e-shop games to be pushing the Wii U to the limits, no less a darts game, there’s no sense of style or good artistry. It feels the need to rip on ‘Mii’s’ when it could have actually used Mii’s and at least that aspect of the visual design would have been better. I wouldn’t bother picking this up unless it was on sale and you REALLY fancy playing a darts game.


Frenchy Bird.
PRICE £1.79

Frenchy bird is a better looking, but equally frustrating shameless clone of ‘Flappy Bird.’ There’s no doubt there’s many more e-shop games for £1.79 and less that offer much more than this title does, but if you want to play a game like this then it is very competent alternate to infamous smartphone sensation. Additional modes trying to offer something a bit different would have been nice.

maxresdefault (1)

99 Seconds.
PRICE £2.29

99 seconds is a Dodge-em game with a very simplistic retro style. It is nothing to rave about but I have little to complain about either. For what it is wanting to be it’s a decent little game. For competitive and so called expert gamers 99 seconds offers some serious retro challenge. Still, it’s frequent sale price of £1.34 is probably the fairer price for this small game.


PRICE £6.99

Made by a small group of ex-Rare employees the expectations among some, like me, was very high and Tengami disappointed a little. This game is however worth praising for trying to do something different, in fact it is hard to categorise this game. A bit of a platformer and a point and click game, and a puzzle, but none of it feels like a ‘video-game.’ This is due in no small part to the lovely art style that takes inspiration from Origami and set’s everything across the pages of a pop up book. Tengami will not meet the gaming needs of your typical gamer, but it is nice chilled out few hours of brain teasing fun for the right type of people with plenty for your eyes to enjoy.


Paper Monsers Recut.
PRICE: £5.49

The e-shop has no shortage of 2D platformers and it’s hard to say if this game is worth your attention. Visually Paper Monsters is rather nice minus the shameless copying of Mario games, like warp-pipes. The controls work very nice too and for the price you can’t grumble at the amount of content but for some reason there’s just isn’t anything that makes this game feel fun, rewarding or memorable. I feel mean saying that when this game is designed so well. But the lack of originality and sense of fun put this game behind many other e-shop offerings. Having said that it is still better than several 2D plat-formers on the e-shop that cost more.

maxresdefault (2)

PRICE £3.59

This novel rhythm game was a nice surprise for me. It’s a small game with just 5 levels, but each is brilliantly crafted with a selection of perfectly suited original tracks. The music plays up to a retro drum and base style (but thankfully without the long build ups) and delivers up some memorable melodies with a nostalgic vibe. The game-play is intense with little to no room for error, but it is incredibly satisfying and rewarding. A very different rhythm game that retro fans should not miss.

large (2)

Art of Balance.
PRICE £7.15

This is a fantastic game that offers something different to puzzle fans. People who don’t normally enjoy puzzle games are likely to find something to enjoy here too. It’s a block balancing game that requires plenty of thought and it serves up more than enough levels to justify the price. It’s traditional Japanese art style is lovely to look at and it’s calming soundtrack adds nicely to this games relaxing pace. Art of Balance has to be credited with trying to serve up something different and I for one thoroughly enjoyed it. The only problem is that if you have played it for 3DS there’s not much point in buying what is more or less exactly the same game. Still having played both, I’d recommend the Wii U version over the 3DS on a count of the improved visuals and added multi-player modes.


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