E3 2015 and how Nintendo flopped it.

Before I tear into their pathetic efforts let me stress that most of the games on show looked good, the problem with all these good games is that they are already long overdue and not new information. That’s as good as it got.

The first big fault was there being no sense of event. With the exception of Xenoblade non of the games were presented in an exciting way. When I finished watching it I was less excited about Starfox and Mario Maker than I was before. I have no complaints, but they bored me. The point is to make us want their games, they failed.

The other big problem was the lack of surprises. There was some surprises but a Metroid game without Samus and a Mario Tennis game that looked inferior in everyway to the Gamecube classic was not what anyone was asking for, it’s almost insulting.

The other thing that is hard to fathom is why games such as Fatal Frame and Devil’s Third skipped the presentation. Fans are interested, they look impressive and they clearly show another side to the Wii U. Promoting games that come courtesy of 3rd party would also seem like a sensible way to show others that you will support them. But hey what would I know, after all everyone wanted to spend 5 minutes talking about knitting a Yoshi and another 5 on an Animal Crossing board game. Time well spent.

All these shortcomings add up to a lot of negative forecasting for the Wii U. It would seem to me it is being killed off and they are spreading out the last dozen or so games they intend to make for it. If you had a bucket load of games on the horizon you wouldn’t hold back at such a big event. They’ve not much to show. When Iwata say there’s more games he is talking out their Indie efforts!

The worrying problem is that the Wii U was gaining momentum and this E3 presentation had nothing new to show. It felt like they simply obliged the fans with a reluctant Star Fox game and spread out 10 games we already knew about across ANOTHER 12 months.¬†Apparently there are Wii U games coming out within a year that were not announced at E3 and perhaps there is a good reason we haven’t seen them, but with Nintendo’s track record you’d be daft to think they were hiding anything big. Chances are any unannounced games will be overpriced E-shop titles, probably a new Yoshi Cookie. It’s hard to be optimistic with Nintendo’s track record.

I love my Wii U but it would seem to me it’s end is nigh and Nintendo is putting it’s efforts into the 3DS. I wouldn’t get excited about seeing the NX anytime soon either. Even with a Xmas 2016 launch, that’s simply not enough time to ensure a good a constant line up of games, would Nintendo make that mistake again? No. Don’t assume they are working on lots of games for the NX either, chances are nothing is yet in development. Chances are the console hasn’t even been finalised.

I could of course be wrong, but this is the problem with bad E3 presentations, get it wrong and fans lose confidence in you for a long time. It does look like they are giving up on the Wii U and have nothing to show. All the kudos they’ve been getting thanks to Splatoon is for nothing. Why would people take that chance and buy a Wii U for a game when the consoles looks to be on it’s last legs?

Whatever the truth is, Nintendo has failed to get people interested and excited and it is a huge fail. How can you be excited for a console with such an empty schedule, a schedule made mostly of games announced months and years ago? Nintendo flopped it and there will be no recovery from it until next year. WIll they surprise us? No. It’s time to stopped believing Nintendo has something amazing up its sleeve…Even if it did it would get delayed. And delayed again.

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