Nintendo – The problem is not that they cater to fans too much.

Nintendo has many faults, but catering to the fans too much is not the problem. This notion, which has returned in the aftermath of Nintendo’s abysmal E3 2015 performance is a curious accusation when you consider that the fans feel that Nintendo is failing to cater to them! Starfox is the biggest appeal to fans at the moment and we’ve been waiting since 2005 for it, if Nintendo listen then 10 years is truly attentive.

Most Nintendo fans would prefer if Nintendo had a different approach to a lots of things no less console design. The reality is we are faithful and go along for the ride hoping for the best. Us older fans know Nintendo does not listen to fans very often. Our treats are quite rare, throughout the Wii U’s life the only 2 we have received are Pikmin 3 and Starfox.

It’s not fair to count Mario and Zelda in this debate, because they aren’t just about fans, they are the bread and butter of the company – It’s also fair to say fans are not often pleased with the new directions that either franchise takes or the focus they get.

We might eventually get what we wish for, but it’s very sporadic always controversial and so overdue it feels more like an apology.

It seems to me Nitnendo’s biggest problem is that they continue to hope they can rely on 3rd party support when they should be creating more development teams so they survive better alone. With their pathetic low-tech approach they have to move forward assuming they are alone. It’s clear 3rd party dev’s, and specifically those making the big games want to work with the latest tech. It should have been obvious to them the Wii U would suffer as the Wii quickly did.

They would fair better if the NX could compete with the PS4 graphically and in online capabilities, but it isn’t necessary, I love my WiiU, the potential is blinding, but Nintendo have had problem with 3rd party support since the N64, this is no lesson they should be learning now.

Maybe the ‘playing to the fans’ accusations hints to Nintendo’s colourful approach, but the truth is fans would happily welcome a gritty Nintendo game, it’s a big reason Metroid Prime has such a loving fan-base. Not just because it is Metroid and a well crafted set of games, but it is the closest Nintendo get to making games with a grown up look.

I agree Nintendo are too childish, it’s uncalled for. You can can still be suitable for 6 year olds without being cutesy. Even the Care Bears are telling Nintendo to tone it down. This is not listening because they listen to the fan base too much, it’s because they won’t listen to anyone.

Overall however I strongly believe the biggest issue is Nintendo is too small, they need more developments teams so they can make more games. God forbid Nintendo stop whatever it is that makes them so good, even in a games drought, but they never have enough games in production. They aren’t Sony or Microsoft, Nintendo is the one and only reason you buy a Nintendo console. This cannot be changed, call it the curse of having such high quality exclusive games, call it history, but Nintendo can only change that is they go 3rd party and pass the curse onto another console. Nintendo have to constantly have a lot more games into production.

Some people like to think Nintendo is always up to allsorts of things but when you look back at the last 8 years it’s hard to figure out exactly what Nintendo have been up to because the result was very little. The last 2 years of the Wii were as dry as a bone and while the Wii U has finally built up a dozen must own titles, it’s hardly a what you’d call a lot. So really do not think that they have a bucket load of secret titles that will blow our minds, that is not the pattern.

Maybe Nintendo is spread too thin and that clearly doesn’t bode well for the console sector when they have 2 new divisions to spread their resources around. Maybe they are too inane with their creative process and waste far too much time on things that never come to be. Or maybe even though they are sat on a huge pile of cash they refuse to expand their business in a manner that better reflects the console environment.

Yes, I think it comes down to penny pinching coming back to bite them in the ass. Nintendo does not want to have more games in production at any given time, they’d rather put all their eggs in a smaller basket.

You buy a Nintendo console to play exclusive games, not 3rd party games that run better on rival consoles. Nintendo makes a Nintendo console worth buying and if there isn’t a regular flow of games then buying the console is poor investment. It’s not just about quality, quantity really does matter. Even to a Nintendo fan the Wii U lacks variety.

Nintendo really does need to think outside their comfort zone more they need to make new things and do things you don’t expect from Nintendo, but they need to listen to the fans more as well, because overwhelmingly that is what we want too. We just didn’t want Starfox or Pikmin to become history and we don’t want F Zero (and personally Wave Race and 1080) to become history either.

Ultimately if Nintendo fans were actually being catered to then the WiiU would be doing better. It would at least being doing as well as the Gamecube or N64, and both them suffered similar gaming droughts too. Nintendo have had their eye of the ball and simply failed to produced enough games. E3 seemed to confirm that will not be changing. It did not show that Nintendo is catering too much to fans.

Reggie says software sells hardware – It’s time Nitnendo understood that phrase in its full meaning.


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