Is Nintendo Treehouse uprooting Nintendo’s foundation?

Nintendo Treehouse, a section of Nintendo of America, has gained notoriety in recent years mainly for their Japanese to English localisation efforts. In a nutshell, it comes down to a Feminist-driven ideology choosing to censor what they saw fit in a manner best comparable to the loathsome clean-up-TV campaigner Mary Whitehouse.

Many people, and not just #Gamergate were furious and in April 2016 we have learned that Nintendo have decided the Treehouse will not be touching the upcoming game “Tokyo Mirage Sessions.” It’s a decision that has relieved many, including myself, a gay gamer who does not need children deciding what is and isn’t suitable for me based on what they learned in a social studies degree. That might be cynical. But Nintendo told us this to ensure people did not try to start up another tree house game boycott.

The PR damage the Treehouse has caused in the eyes of big spending gamers cannot be understated. It’s a bloody disaster, and the SJW apologists cannot excuse the fact they applied an anti-profit ‘I know best’ politics to a business model and Nintendo suffered as a result. The Treehouse is bad for business and they will never regain the trust or respect of gamers. The Treehouse has fringe feminists and SJW’s supporting, alas they barely spend a penny on gaming.

Is Nintendo in this business to keep wanna-be social engineers happy or are they in this to please gamers? Obviously it’s the latter, and I would suspect that after recent events Nintendo will be doing whatever it can get rid of guilty parties.

So how did this come to be? Well it all began of shortly after Feminist frequency blew in on hot flash of controversy. There’s little doubt Treehouse employees did their best to ensure their bosses felt that shame and convince them this mentality was right and was the future. They have of course discovered they were sorely wrong.

They have truly ruined the foundation of the company and there’s no question Nintendo are in damage control mode. Worse, any efforts to alleviate the concerns of gamers is framed by the other side of the debate as caving into #Gamergate.

When Thatcher or now Milo Yiannopoulos called feminism cancer, it’s not hard to see why with this example. A bunch of fringe feminists played around with Nintendo business model and now everyone is pissed off besides a few loyal fanboys and those who haven’t heard about it.

Call it roots under a foundation or a cancer in the system, Nintendo’s reputation is in the shitter. My advice is simple. When Playstation or Xbox don’t worry about censorship why should Nintendo? It’s been a business hurting attitude ever since the first Mortal Kombat. Nintendo has long been mocked for being too child friendly and now their localisation team has added a whole new level of infantilization. STOP IT!

I’m not even straight I play very few ‘lads’ games as they bore me for the same reasons they annoy feminists. Like I care about a petting game, or even Fire Emblem for that matter. I however do not need every game to cater to me, I have seldom been short of new games to buy. There’s room for us all!

This is my beef with treehouse. It’s as if they they are trying to make games appeal to a demographic they were not intended for and they couldn’t care less if they alienate the established fan base of whichever IP.

Nintendo must go forward with gamers in mind. They should realise by now that no group of people in the world of gaming is easy to please, but trying to please SJW fringe feminists is suicide. FFS they are stupid brainwave short of calling Peach and Mario a rape fantasy. Nintendo, YOU CAN’T WIN! And they still won’t buy your games anyway! At least us fanboys moan and still buy your games – Well except for the boycott people have on Treehouse localisations.

There’s nothing wrong in trying to be universal. There’s nothing wrong with games for specific audiences, but there’s everything wrong in Nintendo Treehouse being allowed to decide what’s best for us Nintendo fans and gamers as a whole.

I’m a gamer of 23 years and I’m sure I speak for many older gamers who feel like a new wave of nobodies are trying to take over our hobby and tell us what is best for us. In short, Nintendo Treehouse can go fuck itself….and then worry if they should report themselves for rape.

Nintendo, get rid of your space-safe overlords!









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