Rumoured Nintendo NX games.

News on the NX is extremely limited and 99% rumour, but there are some reasonable rumours on upcoming games, and here I will share a variety of them and give my opinion on how likely the rumours are to be true.

Before we begin let me point out that all the obvious Mario titles will be left off this list. Games like Mario Kart that are a given are not what this list is about, well perhaps besides 1 game. Zelda will be missing too because that a confirmed NX game. This is also not a wishful thinking list. To be on the list a game must have been rumoured, not speculated on, such as a new F Zero.

I am forgoing mentioning who reported the rumours as these people tend to get a lot of hate and trolling. I’m not doing this to attack anyones credibility or encourage hate mail towards them. Needless to say a quick google search can get you finer details on any rumours I’m relaying.

Star Rating

At the end of each listed game I will rank based on their likelihood of being true. This is of course my own opinion based on very little beyond reading what everyone else has and being a lifelong Nintendo fan and having had laughed at phony rumours for over 20 years now!

*             Total Bull.
**          Mostly bollocks, but a smallest glimmer of hope.
***        Not too hard to believe, but many credible naysayers on the rumour circuit.
****     Solid sources, but still notable doubt.
*****  As solid as a rumour gets.

Let’s begin…..


Pikmin 4


This is probably the most concrete rumoured game on this list, as Miyamoto was quoted as saying it was nearing completion. That was a while ago now and the assumption is it has been held back for the the NX, if it was for the Wii U we’d have surely heard more by now. It should be pointed out this quote is the first and last reference to the game. It could have been canned, nothing can be said with certainty. But no one to my knowledge no one has claimed that what Miyamoto was reported to have said is either false or a mistranslation.

The Pikmin 4 for NX rumour get’s an easy 5 stars.

Bayonetta 3


Nintendo and Platinum games appear to have a fantastic relationship and there’s currently no signs they will be parting company. Would Nintendo want to support a third game, do Platinum want to make another? Well one rumour answered yes. Many are quite confident it is the case with Platinum seemingly dropping endless hints. Hints which understandably leading people to thinking it’s happening. Here’s are two tweet from Kamiya:

“The answer will be in Bayo 3”

“what other hairstyle do you think jeanne would look good with?”

Given her inclusion in Smash Bros Nintendo are clearly feeling the Bayonetta love and Platinum appear to be very happy working with Nintendo but it should also be said that while Bayonetta 3 might be in production there’s no guarantee it will be a Nintendo exclusive or even on the NX. I’d bet that is the case though.

I’m feeling a bit generous considering Kamiya is teasing us, so I’m giving this rumour 3 stars.


Diddy Kong Racing 2

The rumours for this game haven’t really been aimed at the NX as it’s long been rumoured to be in development, some claim it still is and has logically moved to the NX. It’s an alluring rumour because many a fanboy wants it to be true. It would be a popular choice amoung Nintendo’s core demographics and a guaranteed million+ units seller.

With good sales potential and many ways to bring something new to a sequel, just imagine if they actually looked more into the original concept for the cancelled successor to DKR, Donkey Kong Racing!

There’s every reason to think it’s a good idea but you can also imagine why someone would make this one up! Considering how long it’s been rumoured for, it does seem far more likely to be wishful thinking.

I want to believe too but considering how long this rumour has gone on for I can only give this rumour 1 Star.

Xenoblade Chronicles X Remastered.

This rumour is backed up by some of the most reliable people to report rumours out there and if you’re making bets this is very safe one regardless of rumours. The game is a part of a wider list of Wii U games rumoured for re-released for the NX.

The rumour is they will use poor selling but well received Wii U’s game to help keep the first year line up of the NX broad and busy. XCX was a fantastic game that didn’t sell very well and it was clearly a game with a notable budget.

The game can be easily enhanced and considering the original game has been re-released twice, it’s very likely XCX will follow a similar path…Even if it not remastered and it just turns up on the virtual console.

Pretty easy to give this one 5 stars. As well as a 5 star bet on the credibility of a remastered release of Smash Bros U.

Xenoblade Chronicles X Sequel.

Also rumoured is a sequel to the Wii U game However it should be stressed if true this game could be 3 or so years away. There’s no chance this will turned up in the launch window.

XCX quite clearly set itself up for a sequel and the Xenoblade series is assumed to be an ongoing thing. Nevertheless the rumour does come from a semi questionable source. Also working against the rumour is the news the game’s director has already announced the new title he’s working on won’t be in the Xenoblade series.

It’s highly likely but the rumour is weak. 2 Stars.

Beyond Good & Evil.

The rumour is a lot like the Bayonetta 2 story. The desire to make BG&E exists but there’s no financial backing for it despite a variety of efforts, but Nintendo’s stepped in to fund it in return for exclusivity…Or something a bit like that, The official picture below shows efforts to make this game are not just rumour, but the future of it are in doubt.

The rumour’s connecting the game to Nintendo quickly died down, but it convinced a broad range of people. It is something Nintendo would do and their their relationship with BG&E owners Ubisoft is strong. However Ubisoft going by past behaviour are unlikely to sign up to console exclusivity, in the past even when they have said as much, it turned out to not be the case.

It is highly likely Nintendo is working on bringing back a classic 3rd party franchise and BG&E is exactly the kind of game Nintendo would be interested in. But BG&E isn’t for certain and neither is NX exclusivity.

Judging this rumour strictly on being exclusive to NX I can only give it 2 stars. But the will to make this sequel is no rumour. Work has been done and the desire to make it still exists.

 Luigi’s Mansion 3.

Probably the most persistently rumoured game for the NX and while it is a pure rumour it’s a rumour that has a lot of credibility. The sources reporting this rumour are some of the most trusted rumour reporters with good track record. The rumours have gone so far as to report it will be done in a claymation art style.


The rumours also make a lot of sense. Next Level made Luigi’s Mansion 2 for 3DS a few years ago and did a fantastic job making them the perfect candidates for a 3rd. Their quality game design was matched with impressive sales for a 3DS game too. With Next Level unquestionably still working for Nintendo and with a track record of making games based on Nintendo franchises Luigi’s Mansion 3 is by far the most obvious candidate.

As much as there’s a lot of rhyme and reason this is still just a rumour, and one that is a little too easy to believe.

It’s a very solid rumour backed by good sources and a lot of common sense prediction but I’m gonna show some restraint with only 4 stars.


This hasn’t been rumoured so much as we are taking it as a given. Considering poor Wii U sales, Splatoon has sold amazingly well, surpassing 4 million units worldwide as of Feb 2016. That’s high motivation to make a sequel! And despite some early rocky reviews, the consensus after a torrent of free DLC is that Splatoon is fantastic and everyone wants a 2nd!

Noises coming from Nintendo strongly suggest a sequel is at the forefront of their mind too. With ongoing promotional stuff from clothing to new Amiibo’s Nintendo clearly has long term plans and has basically said as much. Splatoon 2 will happen on the NX.

A case of when, not if. So rating it solely on the likelihood of it being launch window game – 3 Stars. I reckon they’ll hold this one back for a bit.

Metroid Prime 4?

Interestingly there aren’t any rumours on this game beyond a few people who get no one’s attention. All talk of it comes from it being at the top of every fan boys wishlist and Nintendo surely having got the message by now! Anything close to a solid rumour was squashed when they announced of Federation Force, a Metroid Prime game that just about everyone agrees is not a Metroid Prime at all.


To make matters worse for fans, rumours suggest that the studio responsible for the first 3 games is working on something completely new. This is not a bad thing in itself, but it does reduce the likelihood of MP4.

As a rumour it’s pretty poor and rare. It’s sure happen one day, but even as far as rumours go there’s very little to hope is think they are true. If it is in development it is a VERY well kept secret. It seems certain the NX will get a Metroid game, if not one in line with the Prime series. Which would be stupid. It has to be stressed a new Metroid Prime game has been topping most-wanted Nintendo games lists for years now.

1 Star – Stressing that’s a judgement on the credibility of the rumours! It would be bonker’s if it wasn’t in development



So that’s it for now. Share in comments section any rumoured games I missed and what you think the likelihood of them being true are!





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