The Top 50 Wii U Games.

With the Wii U coming towards the end of it’s life a new top X list is in order, this time 50! We urge you to pick up a Wii U even if this console is nearly over. It’s a treasure trove of fantastic exclusive titles and if you haven’t even owned one there’s now so much to choose you will get your monies worth providing you buy the right games for you!

The top 50 has been broken down into 4 groups alongside a bonus list, they are:

  1. Wii U E Shop exclusives (10)
  2. Virtual console (10)
  3. 3rd party retail & E-shop (10)
  4. Exclusive Retail Titles (20)
  5. Honorable mentions (10)

It seems fair to do this as for the most part it isn’t fair to compare one of these groups of games to another.

With 50 games to discuss all descriptions and comments will be kept as brief as Tweets!wii-u_470x324

Sometimes at the end of a game description is a “Notes” section containing letters. The letter’s represent the following things.

M- Multiplayer (local)
O – Online Multiplayer
A* – A game which has received very high praise from a large portion of the media.
V – “Value.” Dirt cheap games or ones with a ton of content for a very reasonable price.
U – Good updates. Either free stuff or excellent DLC.

They are only used if they are significant factor in why the game is worth buying. So for example Splatoon has a local multiplayer mode, but it isn’t very good so the notes section for that game will not contain an M.

1) When this list was made the following games were not yet released: Zelda for Wii U, Paper Mario.
2) Tokyo Mirage Session, Batman Spider Man & Marvel games are missing as no one contributing to these lists has played them.

So, let’s begin…………………..


Top 10 Wii U E-shop exclusives.


Little Inferno

Genre: You burn things. Not exactly a game.
Basically: Strange but satisfying. From the makers of World of Goo.
<10 Word highlight: Combo burning to unlock new things.


Pokemon Rumble U

Genre: Simplistic tabletop fighter.
Basically: Fight you way through stages to collect all the Pokemon.
<10 word highlight: Finding those rare Pokemon!


PullBlox World

Genre: Platformer Puzzle
Basically: Climb your way up a picture by figuring out the correct way to pull
out pixel blocks to make your path. Genuinely unique.
<10 Word highlight: Satisfaction of eventually finding the then obvious solution!



Genre: Multiplayer platforming
Basically: Race to the finish while adapting to an ever changing level.
<10 Word highlight: Hilarious multiplayer mayhem.
Notes: M


Wii U Sports Club

Genre: Motion controlled Sports sim.
Basically: Update of Wii Sports, but now you can buy specific sports or the whole package. Also has online play now.
<10 Word highlight: Not really got one.
Notes: M



Typo Man.

Genre: 2d Platformer
Basically: Explore a 2D world arranging letters you find to create solutions to obstacles.
<10 Word highlight: Wonderful atmosphere and pacing.


Swords and Soldiers 2

Genre: Tower Defense
Basically: Simple yet challenging take on the genre. Cinematically animated. Funny.
<10 Word highlight: Experimenting with the now fully customisable armies.


Nes Remix 1 & 2

Genre: 8 bit platforming
Basically: Classic Nes games remixed into short challenges
<10 Word highlight: Enjoying classic games in a new bite sized way.
Notes : V – A*




Fast Racing Neo

Genre: Futuristic Racer
Basically: No doubt the Shinen Ai’s audition that’s won them the offer to make a game for the F-Zero franchise.
<10 Word highlight: The feeling you got a short AAA game for £10.
Notes: M – V – A*


Star Fox Guard

Genre: Tower defense, sort of.
Basically: Place and monitor 12 weaponized security cameras, to then take control of them to fight off enemies attacking your base.
<10 Word highlight: Unique game that makes good use on the gamepad.
Notes: V – O



Top 10 Virtual Console Offerings



Mario Kart

Genre: Kart Racing (Snes, N64, Gba)
Basically: Mario Kart!
<10 Word highlight: N64 battle mode! 
Notes: M



What is it: A bizarre but brilliant JRPG (Nes, Snes)
Basically: Nintendo cult classic. The Nes Version was unreleased in the west until now.
<10 Word Highlight: An RPG like no other. Nintendo hard!


Super Mario World

Genre: 2d platformer (Snes)
Basically: Probably the best ever 2d Platformer in the world
<10 Word highlight: It never gets old.
Notes: A*


Super Metroid

Genre: Metroidvania platformer! (Snes)
Basically: Probably the other best 2d platformer in the world
<10 Word highlight: 16-bit era game design mastery.
Notes: A*


Mario 64

Genre: 3D Platformer (N64, DS)
Basically: Arguably Nintendo’s most revolutionary game.
<10 Word highlight: The Memories! The History!
Notes: A*


Megaman Games


2d platformer (Nes, Snes, GBA, DS)
Basically: The virtual console has around 20 of the blue bombers classic games, Mega man fans can’t go wrong!
<10 Word highlight: Megaman 2



Donkey  Kong 64

Genre: 3d Platformer
Basically: Donkey Kong does a “Banjo-Kazooie.” Not been seen since the N64 days.
<10 Word highlight: Minecart racing!


Donkey Kong Country 1,2,3 & Returns.


Genre: 2D Platformer (Snes, Wii)
Basically: More all time classics.
<10 Word highlight: Remembering how bloody difficult they are!
Notes: A*


Metroid Prime Trilogy

Genre: FPS (Gamecube, Wii)
Basically: 3 Modern classics in one package.
<10 Word highlight: Perfect transition of the 2D classic into a modern 3D game.
Notes: A*


Mario Galaxy 1 & 2

Genre: 3D platformer (Wii)
Basically: 3D Mario gaming at it’s finest.
<10 Word highlight: The ambitious and varied soundtrack.
Notes: A*






Top 10 3rd party games (Retail & E-shop)


Squids Odyssey

Genre: Turn-based Touchscreen puzzle/fighting
Basically: With limited moves, flick your way to the goal killing all in your way.
<10 Word highlight: Gorgeous visual, lovely music, addictive gameplay.
Notes: V



Genre: Sandbox? 
Basically: What do I need to say?
<10 Word highlight: Mario themed DLC
Notes: U – O


Child of Light

Genre: 2d RPG
Basically: Typical RPG set in a dream with hand drawn visuals.
<10 Word highlight: Beautiful storybook-like presentation.


Steamworld Dig

Genre: Sandbox adventure.
Basically: Dig to the bottom of various worlds ensuring you have a safe way back up to cash in treasure and upgrade your gear.
<10 Word highlight: Highly replayable.


Resident Evil Revelations

What is it: Survival Horror
Basically: One of the best RE games. Worth buying on any system.
<10 Word highlight: A genuinely decent story that’s pretty well acted.


DuckTales Remastered

Genre: 2d Platformer
Basically: A Nes classic remade
<10 Word highlight: The original cast return to voice the characters.



Genre: Tower defense
Basically: A very deep and hands-on experience that feels like 3 TD games in one.
<10 Word highlight: The vast and varied upgrade system.
Notes: V


Lego Dimensions

Genre: 3d Platforming
Basically: Various fandoms all mashed up in a crazy and diverse gaming world.
<10 Word highlight: Doctor Who!


Shovel Knight

Genre: 2d Platforming
Basically: A love letter to the era of 8-bit gaming.
<10 Word highlight: Get’s everything right in regard to making retro game.
Notes: A*





Rayman Legends


Genre: 2D Platforming
Basically: A sequel that did everything better and then some.
<10 Word highlight: Makes great use of Wii U gamepad. + Music levels!
Notes A* M


Now for the main list…..









Top 20 exclusive Retail games for Wii U



Legend of Zelda:

The Windwaker & The Twilight Princess.


Genre: Adventure.
Basically: 2 classic and very different Zelda games with a HD makeover
<10 Word highlight: 2 of the finest games ever made for any system.
Notes: A* –
Sitting at 20 as they are HD makeovers of, not new games.





Lego City Undercover

Genre: Grand Theft Auto style game.
Basically: 80’s cop show-style take on GTA, with Lego!
<10 Word highlight: Genuinely good sense of humour. 



-18 –

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse

Genre: Touchscreen 2d platformer.
Basically: Draw lines to guide a rolling Kirby through a claymation world.
<10 Word highlight: Joyously sentimental soundtrack, pretty visuals, unique.


Yoshi’s Wooly World

Genre: 2d Platformer
Basically: Classic Yoshi platformer game in a cute Woolly art style that was long overdue!
<10 Word highlight: Yoshi Transformations!


Nintendo Land

Genre: Various -Multiplayer.
Basically: 12 varied big & fleshed out mini games that show off the Wii U’s abilities
<10 Word highlight: Asymmetric multiplayer games Luigi’s Ghost Hunt & Mario Chase.


New Super Mario Bros U

Genre: 2d Platformer
Basically: Classic Mario stuff but more refined than ever & in HD.
<10 Word highlight: Extra tough bonus challenges and DLC!
Notes: A* M

 – 14 –

Pokken Tournament

Genre: Arcade Beat ’em up.
Basically: Pokemon meet Tekken….As the name suggests!
<10 Word highlight: Finally you get full control of a Pokemon in battle!
Notes –
M – O




 – 13 –

The Wonderful 101

Genre: Fighting/Adventure
Basically: Control 101 heroes as you fight to save the world!
<10 Word highlight: Epic boss fights and cinematic chases/escape




 – 12 –

Captain Toad Treasure Tracker


Genre: 3D Platformer….Diorama style.
Basically: Collect stars to complete each maze like mini-level. No jumping!
<10 Word highlight: Perfect rainy day gaming.



-11 –

Hyrule Warriors

Genre: Tower Defense/Fighting
Basically: Play as a whole roster of Hyrule characters to fend of hordes of enemies!
<10 Word highlight: It’s not JUST Link!


Star Fox Zero

Genre: Space Shooter
Basically: 2 screen flight based shooting and barrel rolling across the Lylat system.
<10 Word highlight: Epic and tactical boss fights
Notes: This game has been panned by a number of reviewers, but fuck ’em, it’s really fun.







-9 –

Donkey Kong Country Tropical freeze


Genre: 2D Platformer
Basically: The same old DKC goodness in glorious HD
<10 Word highlight: DK’s original composer returns and delivers an epic soundtrack!







– 8 –

Super Mario Maker

Genre: Level creator.
Basically: Make your own Mario levels in the style of 4 classic games & share them online.
<10 Word highlight: Discovering how to do new things with old enemies/items.
Notes: O U







– 7-

Xenoblade Chronicles X

Genre: RPG with MMO elements and feel.
Basically: Help rebuild humanity on an alien planet as you fight of the forces trying to destroy us.
<10 Word highlight: A beautiful world that’s rewarding to explore.



– 6 –

Super Mario 3d World

Genre: 3D Platformer
Basically: 2D mario get’s a faithful 3d translation that’s 1-4 player.
<10 Word highlight: Enormous, varied, the return of Peach and Toad!
Notes: M – V – A*









– 5 –

Pikmin 3

Genre: Adventure/Strategy
Basically: Lead and instruct an army of ant size creatures to fight explore & collect.
<10 Word highlight: Mastering how to complete the game/challenges ever quicker.
NOTES: M – U – A* –
Pikmin is a truly unique gem that’s tragically overlooked by many people.



– 4 –


Smash Bros U

Genre: 2D Beat ’em up.
Basically: 50 Nintendo characters, and some special guests, in an all out comical brawl.
<10 Word highlight: Exploring the many different characters and levels.
Notes: A* – M – O – U 





– 3 –


Mario Kart 8

Genre: Kart Racing
Basically: The game we all love more polished and refined than ever before with the best selection of levels ever. Maybe the best Mario Kart game yet.
<10 Word highlight: Amazing visuals & Best DLC…EVER.
NOTES: A* – M – O – U – V






– 2 –


Bayonetta 2

Genre: Fighter/Action Adventure
Basically: Kickass witch fights her way through epic battles and over the top action scenes.
<10 Word highlight: Best….Opening…..Level…..Ever.
NOTES: A* – A* – A*








– 1 –


Genre: Online Shooter
Basically: Shoot ink as a kid, swim in it for tactical advantages by morphing intos a squid. Paint more of the level in your teams colour wil shooting down the other team to hinder their efforts.
<10 Word highlight: Splatfest! (Online weekend battles, sadly ended now.)
NOTES: A* – U – O – Nintendo first new IP in years and it will definitely be back on the NX. A triumph.


10 Honorable mentions

(in no particular order)


Stealth Inc.


Toki Tori 2

Zombi U

Shantae & the Pirate’s Curse

Super Meat Boy

Art of Balance

 Game & Wario

Zacisa: Defense of the Crayon Dimension

Bayonetta 1






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